Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Weekend

I was off for three days this Christmas weekend and I will be off another three next weekend as well.
Even though I did not work and the weather kept me from doing much outside, I still did my part over at mom's and was put to work right where I am most comfortable at, the kitchen.
That picture there is rare. Only a couple times a year I wear a collared shirt. I figured it was worth a picture to one of the girls to catch me in it.

Just like it should be at Christmas everybody and their dog showed up, no literally some brought their dogs, and we all had a good time. Some more than others when a new family member brought over his home made brew.

For the ones that do not know, this right here is why I am the meanest guy around.
These girls are my world.  
As far as work goes. I had the chance to get the pig pen done between rains and now they are happy little pigs plus the dogs get their yard back.

I also made two more batches of powdered eggs and ten pounds of beef jerky.

Oh, there's the laundry buzzer again, gotta run.
(Boy I hate rainy days)      


  1. Sometimes those quiet rainy days are the best. You are going to have to post your powdered eggs and jerky recipes. I am curious how you do the eggs and I have yet to make jerky. I've tried pepperoni /beef stick before, but jerky would be good.

  2. Rose - The powdered eggs are on the December 12th post, the jerky recipe has not been posted yet. I will probably do that this week.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. As a father of three girls, I know exactly where you come from on the mean factor. Hope your Christmas was a good one.

  4. Hello Redneck and belated Merry Christmas to you and yours! Always good to put a face with a name, thanks for sharing with us all.
    I've missed bloggin but life has been so full of so many ups, downs and inbetweens that I just haven't had the energy to post as often as I feel I should. I do however try to keep updated and enjoy your blog as always. Blessing to you and yours in 2012, maybe we'll see you in MT?
    Blessings from The Never Done Farm.

  5. Awesome! You got 3... no 4 beautiful females to be mean over. I am sure your mom loved the help of her son in the kitchen.

    We spent the time pretty mellow. Cooking, eating, and hanging out with each other. I am still on a high from it. Our granddaughters came back with us for a week. We have done nothing all this rainy day but watch movies and eat. I can't believe it. I am still in my pjs. I never do this unless I am sick. - Genevieve

  6. Your daughters are beautiful, and don't let anyone tell 'em different. You're a couple of girls ahead of my, but I'm working on it. As for the mean factor, my suggestion is to shoot the first boy that comes near. Word will spread.

  7. The girls are beautiful, like Shepherd said. Nice to know I'm better looking than some people I know....have a good week, Bubba.

  8. Merry Christmas to you and yours, paws and all. Read through Lights Out this weekend. I'm new to prepping and still have a lot of work to do, and that was a good read and really opened my eyes to things I hadn't started about. Thanks for the suggestion. (ironic to read it on a computer though)

    You've got beautiful daughters and I agree with Shepherd. We are planning on a family, and I have no idea what I'm gonna do if'n we have girls. I might just turn out to be the meanest bear in the neighborhood.

  9. i'm glad to hear that you had such an awesome holiday with your family! your girls really are beautiful! have fun on your days off next week and ya - get us that jerky recipe!

    your friend,

  10. Glad to hear you had some time off with your kiddos and family:) Happy New Year

  11. I had a awsome Christmas with all my kids and grandkids and did love MDR helping me in the kitchen hope everyone else had as wonderful of a Christmas as I did

  12. Dave - Thanks for understanding buddy and yes it was a good one. I hope yours was as well.

    Kelle - We have missed you and your posts but I do understand about the time thing. I do not get a chance to read as many as I would like as well.
    If we make it u that way I will call you first.
    Thank you for your comment and don't be a stranger yourself.

    G - Four is four to many. They are the reason I have no hair and now wrinkles.
    I am glad your Christmas was great. That is what it is all about.

    Sheperd - Being that they are 19, 16 and 15 I have already had to play the bad guy one more than one occasion. Stop now while you have some sanity left.

    Stephen - Thanks buddy, yes they are and just to let you know that was my good side.

    TF - I was new to all this once as well so if you need any help just let me know.
    Thanks for the comment and as far as the mean old bear thing, you will be but those little girl will turn you into a teddy bear.

    Kymber - Thank you and I will.

    Stephanie - You do the same.

  13. Well I'll be. It is about time you started commenting momma.
    We all had a great time as well and like I said there was not another place I would have been.

  14. Love the powdered eggs, now I need some more recipes to use them in :)Glad you had a nice Christmas, we did also.
    Take care Kim

  15. Kim - Thanks for the comment. I have not had a chance to use any powdered eggs yet because I am still trying to get my stock up to 50 dozen before I start the rotation. Do you know of a website that uses powdered eggs?
    Good to hear about your Christmas and I hope you have a happy New Year.

  16. I'm glad your Christmas was good. Your girls are beautiful. Oh, and nice shirt. lol

  17. Beautiful girls! Enjoyed your post as always!

  18. SFG - Thank you. Take a good look because you wont see it again until next year. I bet that shirt is six years old and only been worn a handful of times.

    Shar - Thank you very much.

  19. A beautiful reason to be mean.

    Have a happy New Year!

  20. Phelan - Thank you and Happy New Year to you too.

  21. Looks like Christmas was good at your house!I agree with everyone else,you have beautiful girls!

    I laughed at the beef jerky because at my house there is no such thing as too much beef jerky! That seems to be the food of choice for my 14 yr old son.I can hardly make it fast enough!

  22. Melodie - Thank you, they are everything to me.
    I used to sell jerky and always had plenty on hand for everyone's cravings but the price of meat went up and I quit making a profit so I stopped making it.