Saturday, December 10, 2011

This Should Egg You On

I have been getting several eggmails and personal comments on why I have not done a follow up post on the outcome of the Powdered Eggs.
Here's the deal, I failed at it. I wasted about twenty dozen eggs and got really tired of my house smelling like eggs so when I trashed the last batch of nasty half dried egg crumbles, I hung my egg in defeat.
I was not going to even mention my not so eggtastic eggventure and hoped others would forget about it as well. I just wanted to chalk this one up for eggperience and leave it at that.

Eggmails started coming in asking what came of it all and people I new started egging questions. "I didn't know aggyone was really interested" I thought, so I just egged them on saying I was still working on it.

A couple of weeks ago I was over at my Mom's house and while sitting on the back porch having a cold one with my Dad, my Mom came out and asked the same question, "Hey, you never told me how your eggs turned out"

I hung my head in shame and simply replied, "Momma I can't get them right"

She asked what the problem was and I told her. She then went in the house and brought out a mason jar full of the best looking powdered eggs I have egger seen. With a smirk on her face she said, " Mine turned out great and it was really easy"
Talk about adding insult to injury.

Swallowing my pride I asked her how she did it. About halfway through her eggsplination like a light bulb it hit me and all I could say was, "OOOHHH"

My Dad chipped in about that time and with a laugh said, "I bet having your momma tell you how to do something won't make it on your blog will it" he continued, "Oh, Mr. Big Redneck had to have his momma help him out"

He was right, I never eggtended to let you good yolks know that I egged out on this one, but I just could not pass up the chance to try and see how many times I could add the word egg into another word.

So there you go Dad, eggxactly how it went down.

I am now fixen to do it the way momma told me how and then see how they turn out.    



  1. You have amused me. Now I can't wait to see if they turn out. Whether yours do or not you will have to share with us how your Momma did it.



  2. There is no shame is not succeeding, silly Redneck ...only in giving up. You have NOT given up, therefore you have not failed.

    I'm sure your next batch will turn out just fine now that your Momma has shared her secret to success ...and you do plan to share that secret with all of us, right?

    : )

  3. Definitely let us know how everything goes!

  4. bahahahaha - Praise The Lord that MDR has a Momma to turn to! but really buddy - i have never dehydrated eggs - it's too scarey! but my good friend SciFiChick has over at

    she has several posts about how she does it but if you send her an email, i am sure that she would give you explicit instructions - she's awesome like that!

    dear friend - you tried and you are gonna keep on trying and that's why we love the MDR! please let us know how it goes!

    your friend,

  5. I think it's pretty cool that your Mama knows how to do it!

    Just when you think you have 'em figured out, parents can still surprise you!

    Looking forward to the update!

  6. G - I will even if it ends in failure at least I can tell what I was doing wrong.

    HB - I will share even if mine still does not turn out.

    Coley - Will do

    Kymber - It is only scary if you do them raw. I have read her post over and over plus about a thousand others. Momma has some added things she does and we will see if I can do the same.

    HJ - I think she was doing them just to see if she could. Their chickens are the ones laying all the eggs while mine are just sitting around and eating so they have more than they can use. She has already cooked with them and said they are great.

    Country Life. - Stay tuned and I will do a step by step on how I screwed them all up and how she set me straight.

  7. Well I am glad I am not the only one with chicken hanging out eating. I get maybe one egg every three days. - Genevive

  8. So how is that solar bathroom coming along?

    Yes, I changed the subject. That's what friends do for other friends.

  9. I lost my mother when she was forty-four. I wish she were here to 'egg' me. Mothers are what make this 'ole world turn.

  10. G - I am not even getting that right now. It makes me so mad that I have to buy eggs when I have a whole yard of chickens burning feed.

    Rob - I am glad you asked, The rains have kept me from doing much. I still need to buy 9 valves and a shower head, plus shoot the whole thing with water seal then make all the plaques. The good news it was only 40 degrees out and when the sun shown the temp inside the batch water box was 125. Not bad.

    Stephen I am sorry for your loss. I do not know what I would do without mine. She is such a big part of my life. I am the definition of a Momma's boy.