Thursday, December 22, 2011

Preparedness For Dummies

One of the only ways the family and I watch movies is through Netflix. It is cheaper than paying the high prices going to the picture show and it is cheaper than renting from the movie store that never has what you wanted to watch in the first place.

The other day I was browsing through Netflix's selection on survival movies and came across the movie "Disaster Preparedness For Dummies"
I was intrigued and decided to add it to my Queue. Being it was for Dummies I knew the movie would be at the elementary level but I thought I could pick up a new idea or two to incorporate into my system. It never hurts to see another point of view from time to time even if your wheel turns great and is not broken.
During the show I was disturbed to say the least. They did mention the 72 hour bag, or BOB, but it was a home bag. Three days of food was all you were to keep in storage because the authorities will get to you by then and direct you on what to do next. They also mentioned a car bag but it nothing in it except gloves and warm clothes.
Over and over throughout the one hour movie the narrators would instruct the viewers to stay put, seek shelter and wait for help. Not one time did it say you are on your own and must survive. They tried to convince me the government will take care of me and my family and they will seek me out, tell me what to do, and lend a helping hand.
This was our Red Cross telling people to be sheep. They showed pictures of shelters that were clean, private and safe. They did not show any from Katrina where the dead were piled, the raped were crying and the abused were sleeping on trash bags.
It was so bad even the oldest girl told me it was stupid and a waste of time. 

It is sad this is what it means to be prepared from our governments eyes.
Sorry for the rant but I did not want any of y'all to waste an hour of your life on this. I knew better from just the title of the movie.    


  1. Shame, isn't it. One day most will learn the hard way.

  2. thanks for the review, MDR! i have found that most of the emergency government websites in Canada, both federal and provincial, have the 72hr bag and the "sit tight, we'll get to you" motto as well. it is sad what Stephen said above, but very true!

    your friend,

  3. Stephen - And so many will be left for dead waiting on their government to come save them.

    Kymber - I guess it is their way to keep people off the streets and to have hope. I don't know but I can say they are the last people I see helping.

  4. Sounds pretty much like propaganda to me

  5. thats what the people did in New Orleans did and look where it got them a lot died and the rest well, they are still getting help from the gov. somewhere or somehow and a lot of them never went back as for me, I will keep doing what I have been doing for the last 40 someodd years of my life be prepared for just about anything at just about anytime

  6. Look at the bright side, If people start to have 2 or 3 days of food and preps that gives the rest of us a 2 to 3 day head start out of town.

  7. I agree Matt

    It sounds like you have a great plan Anonymous.

  8. That is one way to look at it Duke. Or that gives us a week to get ready for the invasion.

  9. I feel sorry for anyone who really watches that movie and feels like what it tells you is a sound plan. But, as my mamaw says, "The good Lord watches over idiots and statesmen alike."

  10. More propaganda for the mindless masses perhaps....

  11. Thanks for giving me a heads up and save me the pain watching it.

  12. Well, I won't be adding that one for sure. I met people who had been evacuated to North Texas form the Super Dome in New Orleans. They had a fine shelter there. I was told how people trashed the VIP rooms and defecated on the furniture. I was told how little girls were raped. I was told how the evil dominated and yet there was no where else to go at the time. It is sad that when people need each other most is when you can least trust another human.


  13. Addition: People are so use to being taken care of they don't think about doing for themselves any longer. Everyone is waiting for a handout.

    This is the way I look at it. Let them wait for the government. Maybe they will eliminate some future problems for those of us preparing. You know, cull the herd so to speak.

  14. Mandy - I just can't see someone who is willing to start preparing stop at just that movie. I think once they start looking into it a little they would see that is not how it's done. It would be like me teaching my girls to drive by saying just put it in drive and the car will know where to go.

    Melodie - Like I said to Mandy, if the masses are mindful to at least get the movie then they may not stop at just it and go on to educate themselves a little more but I do believe that is what the officials want you to do so they can have that control.

    Rob - It was painful

    G - We had some all the way up here where we are at. Most did not return.
    If anything this movie will prolong the inevitable a week or so.

  15. Gorges - I agree but I still thought it would have gave some insight on something I might have overlooked. Kinda like the famous speech of Vince Lombardi telling a group of seasoned football players that "This is a football" back to the basics kinda stuff.