Friday, December 2, 2011


I am in a little Predicament.
We have a neighbor across the street and he has two dogs. It seems that when people move to the country they thank they can let their dogs run free. I have asked the guy and his wife several times to keep his dogs put up. He did half heartily build a fence but the dogs just jump right over it.
Every time I have company the dogs run over and playfully want attention from my guests. Every time I set my trash out the said dogs get into it and scatter it down the road. Every day I see the dogs laying in my yard.

I have shot them hundreds of times with the pellet gun but they still come back. My house is situated where I cannot get a clear shot on them with anything with any kind of power to make a point without endangering a nearby neighbor in case of a miss.
I set out antifreeze to bait the dogs for a quick kill but the wife is a bleeding heart and goes into spasms when he somehow learns of the plan. I tried to run them over with the truck in my own front yard only to be chastised from all the girls that I was a bad guy for even trying.
I know it is not the animals fault and they should not be punished for their owners stupidity but something has to be done. I spend a lot of time and money to keep my animals on my property and feel others should do the same.
I cannot start a war with this guy because he has as much fire power as I do and others will be hurt in the fight. Plus it is not worth it just over a couple of dogs.
I work, he does not so that leaves me open for an attack many hours of the day.
There is no more talking with him without the problem escalating to the next level. I am not afraid by no means but being that I am gone most of the day I am concerned for my family if I start something.
This guy is the definition of white trash and there is no telling what he would do in retaliation.              


  1. do you have a animal control person you can call most places have a leash law even in the country or maybe contact the sheriffs office and file a complaint under stand your problem and no it is not the dogs fault at least they are not mean just starved for affection but they do need to be kept up

  2. I would also so contact the county sheriff. Call and see if you can met a deputy somewhere and explain the problem. If the deputy is smart he can just happen to be patrolling nearby and drive by. That way it could look like you did not call them.

    If something bad happens to the dogs you get into some deep dodo, Since you have raised a stink. Check it out.

  3. I agree the sheriff is your best bet. We have neighbors that let their horses and goats run free. They call it free ranging. On everyone's property but theirs since they don't have anything for them to eat. We have complained enough and for now the animals stay off our land which is good because it is leased out for hay production. We also are very quick to call them to come get their animals. They hat having to collect them. It is not so bad unless the husband is home. He is the worst. Yep, I don't feel bad when I watch his butt run around my field trying to get his horses back on his land. Simple solution is don't let them out.

    I feel for you with the problem. Yes, it is not the dogs fault and it is a shame that they are starved for so much attention and the owner is home all day. Sounds like someone that doesn't need animals at all. I hope it all works out well. Oh, and I agree with your wife and daughters.

  4. Go ahead and shoot the dogs...they BBQ well and taste great, bit greasy, but make fine grub. Oh, give him the pelts.

  5. No advice here that hasn't already been posted. If you haven't already, I would start documenting the incidents in pictures, preferably with a date/time stamp. That will help you if you decide to talk to the sheriff or animal control. If an officer does happen to drive by, the neighbor will receive a citation which will cost him a few bucks. That might be the only incentive he has to change his ways. In the meantime, if you happen to talk to him, you might mention that he will be liable if his dogs kill any of your livestock ...and you have some very expensive livestock.

    Is this a new neighbor?

  6. What type of dogs are they, big, small, aggressive, or just typical pet type? My first thought is that maybe, you being the talented builder that you are, could offer to help the neighbor fix the fence to hold the dogs. I am such a dog lover that I could never harm one unless it were threatening family or livestock. So shame on you MDR and Stephen! Trash/garbage can be contained to keep critters out, I know this as we have to do this to keep our own pets out along with wayward coons, possums, foxes, coyotes, skunks, etc. The dogs aren't to blame, just stupid people. If nothing else can be done, when no one is looking, put the dogs in your truck and take them to a no kill shelter. But please don't upset your wife and daughters (and me) anymore, behave yourself!

  7. MDR, since they are so friendly, just load em up in the truck and take them off someplace and dispatch them. If I were closer, I'd do it for you. I've had the same experience with new to the country white trash here and it's the only way to deal with it.

  8. Health and Safety Code. Title 10. Health and Safety of Animals. Chapter 822. Regulation of Animals. Subchapter A. Dogs That Are a Danger to Persons.
    Added by Acts 1989, 71st Leg., ch. 678, § 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1989. Renumbered from V.T.C.A., Health & Safety Code § 822.011 and amended by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1002, § 1, eff. Sept. 1, 2003.
    § 822.013. Dogs or Coyotes That Attack Animals
    (a) A dog or coyote that is attacking, is about to attack, or has recently attacked livestock, domestic animals, or fowls may be killed by:
    (1) any person witnessing the attack; or
    (2) the attacked animal's owner or a person acting on behalf of the owner if the owner or person has knowledge of the attack.
    (b) A person who kills a dog or coyote as provided by this section is not liable for damages to the owner, keeper, or person in control of the dog or coyote.
    (c) A person who discovers on the person's property a dog or coyote known or suspected of having killed livestock, domestic animals, or fowls may detain or impound the dog or coyote and return it to its owner or deliver the dog or coyote to the local animal control authority. The owner of the dog or coyote is liable for all costs incurred in the capture and care of the dog or coyote and all damage done by the dog or coyote.
    (d) The owner, keeper, or person in control of a dog or coyote that is known to have attacked livestock, domestic animals, or fowls shall control the dog or coyote in a manner approved by the local animal control authority.
    (e) A person is not required to acquire a hunting license under Section 42.002, Parks and Wildlife Code, to kill a dog or coyote under this section.

  9. OK , sorry it took so long to post my reply.

    Anony - We do and we have but we live on the border of two counties and they both all say it is not their problem.

    Rob - I have lived out here for two years now I have never seen a police car out here on patrol. It is just to far away for them to come out unless it is an emergency.

    G - I guess I will continue with the pellet gun. I am sure the neighbors can't last to much longer before they are evicted.

    Stephen - If this were in the times where food was needed, they would have already been compost.

    HossBoss - We have talked till our faces are blue. I told him they will die if they attack my animals.

    Rob - The dogs know me and they will not let me get that close. They even know my truck and run from the yard as soon as I turn the corner.

    Shar - They are big pet type that are intimidating if you don't know them. I have offered to help, I have offered materials and I have also offered money. They just don't care. They do threaten the live stock plus they are destructive. They have knocked a hole in my house's under skirting just to get to the back and chase chickens.
    I do not want to get close to them. They both have the mange and are sick looking.

    mmpaints - If they were not so nasty and sick looking I would do just that or at least have someone who the dogs don't know do it. They are afraid of me now.

    Paul - Thanks for that. It was a good read that just reminded me I am in the right no matter how this plays out.

  10. buy a bigger dog, one with a appetite for trespasser's and likes to breed neighbors pets

  11. Oh my gosh, we have been in your position. We talked with our neighbor but to no avail. Finally, we I caught the dog leaving our property with one of my chickens in his mouth I had enough! Called the sheriff and he was warned for "dog at large." I documented everything, and he kept the dog tied up for a couple of months. But then got lazy, and the dog was back. We have every right to protect our livestock and our selves. Mind you, this dog had to walk almost a 1/2 mile down the street, and then another 1/2 mile down our driveway, so this dog was on a mission, not a Sunday stroll. Our mistake was calling the neighbor to come pick up the remains of his dog. Don't call, just bury.

  12. Anony - I do have one that will kill them if they ever decide to cross over into the goat pen. Plus a Llama and now two mini donkeys that really hate dogs. But if I open the gate and my animals get out, then I am no better than they are.

    Rose - I plan to borrow my dad's dog trap and then when they are in it, I will take them to the pound. That is the only thing I can do besides kill them. If I can ever get a clear shot, then that would be a lot quicker.

  13. The trap is a great idea, definately more humane.

  14. MDR, I like the idea of the trap, too. And that will probably solve the problem for good: it doesn't sound like your neighbor is the type to go looking for his dogs at the pound. He'll probably leave them there, and maybe they'll get treated for mange and then adopted to better homes.

  15. Shar - I am glad you like it.

    Kris - I hope for the best for them.