Sunday, December 11, 2011

Egg Cubes To Pass The Time

I figured while the eggs are drying in my 1970's dehydrator at 145 degrees I would pass the time by telling you something else Momma told me she does with eggs. You may already do this but I didn't and thought is was pretty cool so now I am.

I picked up some ice trays at the Dollar store three for a buck and sprayed a little Pam in them.

I took a carton (18) of eggs and cracked them all in a bowl. Using a hand mixer. I blended them all together real good and then poured them into the greased ice trays being careful not to overfill then placed them into the freezer.

A few hours later I took the frozen eggs out of the freezer and placed them in a small amount of water to thaw the bottoms to make it easier to remove. Do not try to twist the trays like you would if it was ice because the egg cubes might shatter and you could end up with a nasty egg cut, just saying.

Being that each cube is .60 of an egg and you get around 30 cubes per 1 1/2 dozen of eggs, I put 9 or 10 egg cubes per vacuumed bag to equal about half a dozen eggs and then stored them in the freezer.

If your meatloaf or whatever you may be cooking calls for eggs then you just take however many cubes you need a couple of nights before and put them in the icebox to thaw. I would not leave them out on the counter to thaw.
They also make great scrambled eggs without loosing any of the scrambled egg qualities like the powdered eggs do.           


  1. Using ice cube trays sounds like a much better tool than muffin tins. I did the same as you and scrambled up some eggs, then I divided them into muffin tins. It was harder than heck to remove them, they were total hockey pucks. But they thaw great and are wonderful to use in dishes, or even scrambled up.

  2. Rose - I am sure I am probably the last one to try this but being I always had fresh eggs on hand I did not see the need. Now that I am buying eggs with a yard full of chickens I should have done this earlier. I did not think of muffin tins. I wonder if the rubber tins would work better?

  3. MDR - i am intrigued about rubber tins...hmmm....may have to try this!

    your friend,
    (p.s. - so sorry about the frozen egg cut!)

  4. I can remember my cousin in Georgetown doing this as far back as the 60s. Seems like they always had eggs in the freezer!

    Funny how so many of the "new things" we discover has been done by folks in the country for years!

    Windmill water pumping and clotheslines come to mind!

  5. I have never tried this, with all the eggs we are getting now I will be sure to. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Kymber - I used Ice trays because they are smaller but you can get those muffin pans that are really flexible, as a matter of fact I think I have one. I might do the next batch in them.

    HJ - Like I said, I knew this was not a new idea but I had never done it. I never needed to with all the chickens I had but now I am getting only a about half a dozen a week and it is not enough. If I would have been doing this during the summer I would not have had to buy eggs now.

    Country Life - I am glad I could help.

  7. SFG - I my mother has been doing this for years but I never seen the need until now.