Friday, July 30, 2010

Let's Make Some Headway

The wife did me a huge favor today and picked up the needed concrete for the fence posts at the hardware store and my other buddy Dave, yes I have two of them, gave me two rolls of slick wire he didn't need. That completes my need to buy list for the fence. Now it's time to do my part, the work.
T Posts = Free, were here in a pile when I got here.
6X6 Wood H Braces = Free, from my old patio.
Goat wire = Free, from my brothers dog pen.
Slick wire = Free, from my buddy Dave.
Concrete = Only had to buy two bags, The lady at the big box store gave me a buch of broken bags the last time I was in there.
Total Project cost for a 100 foot fence. $7.35

I didn't tell you that to brag. I told you that to show you how the poor boys do it.

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