Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Worms Dirt

Just three and half short months ago I began my adventure as a worm farmer.
I started with a bath tube, a bunch of shredded paper, some kitchen scraps, a little mulch and a bag full of worms. Now look at what these little garbage eating machines have turned all that into.
I plan to start harvesting the dirt a little at a time this weekend to get enough ready for the multicultural salad garden experiment at the end of next month.

Speaking of experiments, the "Three Sisters" are growing like mad. The corn has now shot up past the beans and the squash is starting to fill out the center covering the ground. In the picture it looks like a nasty mess, but looking at it in real life, it's kinda starting to work itself out.


  1. Hi, This is dl from PL. I enjoy reading your blog and comment on occasion. How did you corn turn out?

  2. Hey Don, Thanks for reading the blog and posting your comments.
    The corn is still growing. I am taking weekly pics of the "Three Sisters" bed and keeping everyone updated. I do not know how the whole thing will turn out yet but I can see that next year I will be putting this combo in a larger area and planting the three in different stages to help each one establish themselves before the next.

  3. Oh BABY! That's some niced lookin' dirt.
    People pay good money for dirt like that in little bags.

  4. We're starting a worm composting system. How do you keep them cool enough in the summer months? We lost our first batch due to heat. They're in the shade, but it's been as much as 108 w/the heat index. Any thoughts? - Izzy

  5. Cool site, I raise worms also, Herron Farms in Dawsonville Ga.