Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back in the Saddle

With all the family and friends either back home or on their way back home it is time to get Back in the Saddle. Only one problem, it has rained here for the past three days and you can not even walk outside due to the standing water and knee deep mud. Now I am not complaining about the rain because we sure have needed it, but why right now.

With all the rain the gardens are looking better than ever and most of the plants except the tomatoes are producing. That leads me to believe the well water I have been watering with has to much iron in it to do the plants any good. That gives me even more incentive to get the rain water harvest system up and running.
I have the two 1500 gallon tanks over at a friends house but with all the recent events, have not had the chance to get them home. That should happen this week.

One more thing I learned this week. A couple of weeks ago I started experimenting with the polyculture garden design by using the "Three Sisters" Corn, Beans and Squash. What I did not take into consideration is the need to plant them in different stages. The corn should have been planted a month before the beans and then wait a couple of weeks after that to plant the squash. That would have given the corn a chance to get above the beans so they could climb up the stalks and be established so the squash would not choke them out.
I am still going to let this little trial run it's course just to see what happens. Then next year I will plant on a larger scale in stages.
Next month I plan to experiment with a broadcast seed salad garden.

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