Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friends and Family

It is sad the only time you get to see the people that means the most is when someone dies. With life pushing and pulling us all in different directions makes it real hard to sit and just be. We had the mother-in-law's funeral today and it was really good to see everyone. It was real nice to have so many people around and catch up on lost times and just visit. We even set the camper up in the back yard for some of the family a couple of days ago and they really enjoyed the camping like experience. I was asked why the heck does that rooster crow all night long and I just laughed and said welcome to the country.

Today wasn't a funeral, it was a celebration of a life well spent. There was crying, laughing and even a joke or two but the best part was going through the picture albums and listing to all the stories family and friends were telling about such a great lady.

And let me tell you about this church we go to. Even after the wife and I had dropped our attendance down to just a couple of times every few months, my girls and the mother-in-law continued to go almost every Sunday and were heavily involved in the different ministries. These people are some of the best people we have ever had the privilege to meet and to be around. They have helped this family out so much, not just in this past few days but every sense we met them a few years back. What really means the most to the wife and I is they gave Momma Donna a church home and led her back to the faith in Jesus and that my friends, is priceless and can never be repaid.

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  1. I'm sorry for your loss, I lost my mom in April and I know it is hard give Robin a hug for me.
    Robin from HD