Sunday, July 25, 2010

Holy Moly!

I know it's hot during the week but for some reason it sure seems hotter on the weekends. To be honest I really don't know how I do it during the week. I think it's all a mental thing. At work I know I have to, but on the Mini Farm I just want to. I can tell you this, I ain't getting nothing done sitting around complaining about not getting nothing done, that's for sure.

This morning I did get two months of burning done. Things were piling up some and either the wind or rain was keeping me from doing it, but this morning at dawn it was nice and calm so it got done.

The weekly update on the "Three Sisters" is positive. The corn has really taken off and the beans are finding there way around the corn stalks. The squash has not grown enough to cover much of the ground but it'd getting there.
I am catching some flack on the spacing and timing of the planting and how it was way to late to plant the three crops, more especially the corn. I know that. This was just an experiment to see if they would coexist with each other like the books say they would and to see if it was worth planning a bigger scale version for next year. I do not really expect for the corn or any of it to produce this year but as it stands right now, it is worth the time and effort to do this again next year.

Here is an accidental multi-planting with cantaloupe and peppers. The mother-in-law threw some seeds in the garden one day and this is the result. I wounder if there is a chance the cantaloupe will be hot?

I am going to have to do some figuring on these rain water tanks. They cannot be laid down because the little manhole at the top would leak and blow out under the weight of the water so the only solution is to stand them up. The gutter is going to run the whole length of the house with a 4" drop making the water input just below the top ring. There will be a first flush system on the gutter before it empties into the tanks so in the worst case it won't be 3000 gallons but 2800. Now I just have to figure out how to clean them.

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  1. The gardens look great! We collect rain water but in oak wine barrels( we bought 4 for $20 ea and now wish we'd bought 6-8 because they are now $55ea.) Those containers should work beautifully and you'll have lots of rain water to use, we end up running out before the next rain fills them again. Maybe one of those power washers wands would help clean them?

    I'm going to try to post pictures of our garden this coming week. The time off from bloggin has been a HUGE help in catching up, dealing with some stresses and getting rested too*wink*

    Sadly during this time we had to have our beloved horse put down, he was in a great deal of pain and the vet was treating him for an enlarged spleen, but nothing helped so had to put him down. It was very hard on all of us, I still tear up when I walk by his corral.

    BTW, it was 100F here today and I was working in the hoophouse tying up our tomato plants and it was 112F with 60% humidity, talk about sweating buckets.LOL!!!


  2. Kelle, It is good to see you back with us. Sorry to hear about your horse. I bet you gave him a very good life.
    I am also sorry to here about your 100 degree day you had. For some reason I thought you Northern people never got hot. Living in Texas is like living in your hoop house but with a lot more humidity.