Monday, July 19, 2010

Doing The Do, Do

After work today I was treated to a nice little pump failure on the septic system. I thought things were not right with it this weekend when I saw just a trickle of water coming from the sprinkler heads. So with the thought process of "If I don't find a problem, then there's not one" I forgot all about it till today when I noticed the tank almost runneth over.

Thinking the worst, the new pump we installed just a few months ago had already burnt up, I cut the pipe and pulled it out and guess what I found? Hair, miles and miles of hair. It was so much hair I thought maybe a possum crawled in there and died.

Then it hit me. The other night the girls took Drift, our long haired cat, in the bathroom and shaved it. They said her hair was knotted up and they couldn't brush the knots out so the next best thing was to shave it. They also justified it by saying "It will keep her cooler this summer"
Two hours later the bathroom door opened, the cat ran out and guess where they put all that hair.

It took twenty minutes to clean the pump out and I don't know what it is about wet hair in the sewer but it's nasty.

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