Sunday, July 18, 2010

E Manuel

Good ole fashioned Manuel labor really makes you appreciate modern technology when you can get it.

I started the day with a 5:30AM run down to the old farm to get one last load before I wiped my hands clean of the whole thing. I guess the old saying is true, at least on my part, that you can never go back home.

I made some much needed time to do some major maintenance on the mower after I got back from the farm. My blades were paper thin and the deck was so stopped up it would not discharge any grass.
It mows like new now!

My two 1500 gallon rain water tanks never showed up today so I guess next weekend I will be making a trip to pick them up. I should have already had this done anyway.

The girls and I made some progress on the cross fence today. We got one H brace set and built and drove all the T posts in the ground. All we need now is to build one more brace and hang the wire then we can check another project off the list.

The day ended with a nice little thunder storm rolling in. It made for some real nice cloud pictures and who doesn't love the smell of rain on a hot summer evening.

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