Monday, May 30, 2011

Done For The Day

This is the first time I have had the chance to sit down since Friday. Man I am tired and wore plumb out.
I will do my best to give yall an update of the weekends events and keep it short.

The oldest girls Graduation party Saturday night was a complete success. We ended up with around 50 friends and family coming by for good food and a good time. The Mini Farm turned into a petting zoo for a while and the geese and chickens running around with everyone gave it a real country atmosphere.  
My dad was on all the fried sides station doing his best trying to keep up with the demand on the fried pickles, onion rings and mushrooms. My buddy Dave had the grill station kicking out grilled chicken and hot dogs. I had the fried chicken and it took a batch or two to get it where it needed to be but in the end it turned out real good. The wife, my Mom and Dave's wife did all the running back and forth to the house and did a great job setting the tables and doing all the extras.
I ended up abandoning my chicken station to do some hosting and I feel bad about it so I am cooking supper tonight for all the help I had to pull this party off. I could not have done it without them.

Sunday was spent cleaning up. That is the only bad part of having a party. Not to much damage was done and we were able to get it all cleaned be noon. We spent the rest of the day going from party to party just having a good time with friends.

Today has been all about the garden. We are a little late but we had to wait for the onions to be done to plant the Okra. We harvested some of the potatoes, half the onions, the garlic, some basil (that is now on the dehydrator) and a couple of banana peppers. The tomatoes are all still green but there are a bunch of them.
The gardens have really done good this year compared to last year. We harvested more in the first week this year than we did all last year.  

I know some of yall have very big gardens and this little one week harvest basket is not much in comparison but remember, I am still building. Last year was our first year here and we did not have anything to work with. I am still not done yet though. I have four more raised beds and a green house that still needs to be built. 

Tonight I am fixing the Wife, Mom, Dad, my buddy Dave and his wife fried potatoes and onions, fried squash, baked pork chops and chicken.  

I hope everyone had a good holiday and took the time to remember what our heroes did for us.
Have a blessed week.


  1. I think your harvest is very impressive, Redneck. There will always be gardens bigger than yours and gardens smaller than yours ...what matters is that you HAVE a garden and you work it!

    Have a great Memorial Day. If you're a vet, thank you ...if you're not, thank someone who is. For all her present day problems, this is still the greatest country on earth!

  2. I think it was a very good haul! Next time you might want to leave the stems longer on the garlic and braid them and then they can be hung up like that to dry. You just cut off one as you need it. We dug up two potato plants last week and had enough for 4 meals. Fresh potatoes are the best! :)

  3. Thanks for the comments and compliments yall. I do agree with you WWRWH on the greatest country in the world.
    Denise, I know I should have done that but the clippers were laying there and I was not watching the girls. They learned something that day so not all is lost.