Monday, May 2, 2011

Redneck Animal Hoarder Extraordinar?

I was watching the hit series Animal Hoarder the other day and I came to realize I meet most of the requirements to be one myself. I kept telling the TV over and over, "That's not me" and then it said that most people were in denial about it so I just shut up and turned the channel.

Judge for yourself,

I just got back from a four hour round trip to pick up more pygmy goats. I got them at a good deal but after adding in the gas and time it took to get them, I think I am in the red a little. I picked up 9 and I think this is all I need for a good breeding stock. These new goats put me at 20 does and 2 bucks.
Now lets see how long that grass lasts. 
 Plus while I was there, the nice lady gave me a good deal on a bunch of rabbits. Two Lion Heads and four Mini Rex to be exact. The youngest sold off a lot of her rabbits leaving me rabbit pooless and I really need the rabbit poo. It feeds my worms and it also goes right in the garden without being to hot and hurting the plants.
These are not show rabbits or meat rabbits, just poo machines. 
I was rained out today and I wish everyday I could spend doing nothing but the Mini Farm but that cannot happen yet. Anyway I dropped by a new feed store on the way home and they had some turkey chicks at a heck of a deal. The hatchery sells them for $12 and I got them for $9.
Can't beat that deal with an wooden pole.
I got me some Bourbon Reds and Blue Slate. I doubt I will sell any of these, I wanted them for the freezer, but you never know.   

I told ya I was right on the border line of animal hoarding. If I had the money there would be no telling what I would have. I might just start me a monkey farm or something. 

Oh, BTW, I wanted to give a big howdy to a couple of new members to the MDR family. Thank yall for joining up and following this train wreck. If yall need anything just drop me a email or leave a comment. I try to always respond.
Thanks again for being a part of Modern Day Redneck.


  1. No worries're not a hoarder, Redneck. For one thing you ARE willing to part with your livestock if a buyer comes along. Hoarders won't turn loose of anything! You also take great care of all your stock which cannot be said for all hoarders even of inanimate objects.

    How many acres do you have there at the mini-farm? That's a lot of goats! LOL

  2. Wow! You did fall off the goat hoarding wagon! hehehehehee.

  3. YOU GO Redneck- ive followed along and seems like youre on the golden track(or yellow brick road)- keep up the good work itll pay off... and god bless you and those you care about... Glo

  4. The Man thinks I'm an animal hoarder but I'M NOT! No really! I guess the geese put him over the edge. They won't really be doing much here unless they have goslings and I sell them. (Which I think I can, someday.) And my chickens lay eggs. I am trying to talk him into two goats because if "it" happens I would like a source of dairy. I would like to have a couple turkey's for the dinner table but he seems to think I couldn't do it. I swear I can if I take them somewhere else to have it done. So no you are not a hoarder. lol!!!

  5. Thank yall for the comments.
    Thank you for the complements. We are running this whole thing on just two acres. We utilize every thing and make sure everything has a use. I lived on the big farm my whole life and I am sure glad I do not have that maintenance headache anymore. As much as I work, I could not keep up with any more.
    SFG, Glo,
    Thank yall for the comments and the complements. I wished that golden track you speak of was paved with gold and not mud though. LOL, Thank you, we are blessed.
    Denial is the first step to recovery. LOL
    When the time comes you will be able to do it. It is the circle of life.