Sunday, May 8, 2011


I was able to finally finish the little cold smoke house today. Tomorrow I plan to get a fire going in the fire box to see how it draws and if I will need to make any adjustments on anything. 
The top did not turn out exactly how I was wanting it. I really wanted it to be a little flatter but it is what it is.
The whole idea was to build a smoke house and not make it look like a smoke house so I tried to make it look like a mini water tower.

The fire box is a 55 gallon drum turned upside down and cut to the height where the flue pipe is at a slight angle upwards into the bottom of the smoke house. The fire box has a door on the other side where the wood will be fed into.
Is this just cute or what?


  1. Really nice! Now when can I expect mine?lol

  2. Looks good. What are the dimensions of the smoke box, and what material did you use? How did it work out after you used it a while?

    1. Anony, I used just regular old pine wood. As long as you use it as a cold smoker the wood does not leak sap, If I can remember it is a 3' dia and 4' tall.
      The smoker works great but I do need a little work on the fire box. It is a pain to feed the fire while it is on the ground so I have designed a new one where I can open the top and feed the wood in that way.