Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy Saturday

Just like I said yesterday, today was pretty much all yard work. One girl was on the mower, one girl was on the weed eater, one girl was cleaning chicken pens, mending fences and I was running the pit crew. When one needed string, I was there. When one needed gas, I was there. Out of wire, I was the man. I guess the term was really "gopher". Go for this, Go for that.
 I never did show yall the little buck shelter I built out of pallets and shelves I got from a hardware store that closed down. It may not be that pretty, but it was all free.
 After the third attempt, I think we got the buck pen escape proof. It does not help that two of the nannies are in heat and they walk by the buck pen wagging their little tails just to get them riled up.
A buddy of mine gave me 9 big highway billboard lights this week. I plan to run them down the middle of the big barn and also put one in the mini barns loft area. I want it to look like daylight when I am working and these lights will do the trick. This is a good score.

Here is something that might make you say "Well I'll Be". Last weekend a fellow came by and asked if we had any junk he could haul off (I don't remember if I told yall this or not and I am to tired to go back and read if I did). He said he would pay me half of whatever the metal would bring.
He loaded up a old water heater, wire that I could not use, scrap tin pieces, two old treadmills, two trampoline frames and some other things that filled his little trailer up. When he drove out the gate, I told the wife that was the last time we would see him but that's ok because I did get to de-junk and he had to haul it off.
Believe it or not, Thursday the guy came back with money in hand "Well I'll Be".
This restores my faith in humanity just a little bit.

My Dad's birthday get together is tomorrow. It's not really a party because he said he does not want another birthday party till he turns 80. So this is a birthday get together, BBQ, luncheon kind a thing where the whole family will be there and nobody sings happy birthday. LOL

Tomorrow I have a little story that will make you say "Awwww, just precious". You don't want to miss it. 


  1. It's nice to know that there are people out there who are still honest.

  2. Glad to see there are still some folks that keep their word. You don't see that as often as you used too.