Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Six Inches Tall And Full Of Life

The other little goat finally had her babies. I was about a month off on the due date but the little brother and sister are up, eating and healthy. We caught them and put them in the barn to keep dry tonight. A lot of rain has moved in and I at least wanted them to have the first few days of their lives in comfort. These are the smallest I have ever seen standing only six inches tall.

We had a large shipment of chicks come in this morning. When the wife got the call she quickly drove up to the post office only to find the post man holding one little chick trying to keep it warm. He looked up at the wife with a sad look and told her he tried to save them but he couldn't. All but one were dead, a whole box full.
The wife started calling the hatchery as soon as she got to the truck. The line stayed busy for several hours and when she finally got through, the lady told her this. Two trucks holding 4000 chicks each shipped on Monday. The drivers were new and did not open the air vents. All 8000 died.
I tell you this, I panic when I see one laying there dead. I could not imagine losing close to 24K worth of chicks. I feel bad for the chicks and the hatchery. They are a smaller outfit trying to make it all work but I guess they should have trained the drivers a little better.
They are making it right. They are shipping new chicks by the end of the week. I wonder if it will be the same driver?

I have the shipment of Bob White Quail chicks coming in tomorrow from another hatchery. After I heard what happen to the other chicks, I called the hatchery just to make sure everything was ok. Yes, that was a panic move.       

The FFA banquet is tonight so I need to go and get all purddied up.

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry about the chicks ...sorry for all the chicks. They're so fragile anyway but I bet the drivers feel awful. You can't KNOW what you don't KNOW's the hatcheries fault for not making sure the drivers were trained. But it's the drivers who will probably never forget this.

    Congratulations on the goats. I sure wish you would send some of that rain down here. We're dry as a bone.

    : (