Thursday, October 22, 2020

Candy Shop

Last year the wife (Candy) acquired an interested in crafting. I gave up the small attic in our tiny house to start her new adventure and within a couple of months she quickly outgrew the small, cramped space. With Candy showing a continued desire in "making things" we purchased a She Shed to give her more room and to expand her hobby now turning into a small business. 

She is filling orders every week and makes some of the neatest things from dog bowels to tumblers with any design imaginable.  

 If you might be interested in something just let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email at and I will get her in touch with you. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Sunsets Over North Texas

Every time I open a social media platform I see sunsets. They are all beautiful, some more than others, but in the end they are sunsets. After a while they all look the same and most of the time I just keep scrolling. Then there are sometimes when I just have to stop what I am doing, pick up my phone and snap some for myself.

Scroll down through some of the sunsets I found amazing taken either at The 44 Ranch in West Texas or here at the Farm in Pilot Point. I will also explain why sunsets hold a special place in my heart.

I was headed to the Army years ago. I was married with three young daughters. There was nothing left for me in Texas and we needed a new start for my family. The only way I could think of, to get that fresh start, was the Army. 

Leaving my girls and getting on that plane to Georgia was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I told them all before I left, every evening go out and watch the sunset. I will be looking at the same one and it will be just like I am right there with you.  


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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Opening Bow Weekend

Right around this time of year is what I like the best. Where the shifting northern winds gives the air it's first chill and the hint of fall fills your nose with a slight sting. The crisp morning feeling is a welcoming sensation from the long Texas summer we all suffered through these past few months. Feeling this tells me one thing, it's deer season.

Here we go!

Bow sighted in and operational.........Check.

Hunting bag equipped.........Packed and re-packed again.

Everything else...........Wing it.


For the next few weeks this is my life. 

I just love it out here.

Thursday, September 17, 2020


 I need to work on the progression of my enthusiasm during hunting season.

I know in my last post I talked about how we look forward all year to the start of hunting season. Once it starts it's balls to the wall, that's all we do, all we think about, all we live for. But, there's always a but, after the initial rush it seems to start going down hill from there.

I thinks it's my OCD, or in my mind it's CDO because the letters need to be in order, and once the rush is over it's now time to start looking at the next season opener. In this case Archery Deer Season is just around the corner.


 So I made up some pictures showing the digression of my enthusiasm, if I like it or not, during dove season. It seems to be that way with everything. I guarantee even though I am excited about bow season starting in two weeks I will hit it hard, camo and all, for a week or two. Then is off to the next pretty butterfly.     



Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Opening Weekend

 The one thing hunters look forward to during their down time is the beginning of the new hunting season, and September 1st is that for me down here in the South.

From the end of deer, dove, duck, turkey and quail seasons, even though I am glad they are over, I always look forward to the next year's opening day and the beginning of the new hunting season. From September 1st to mid February, May if you turkey hunt, I call this my busy time. Then I take a month or so off and start back all over again getting everything ready for the new season to come. But even during the time off, I have to squeeze in some hog hunting here and there. 

I thought buying my own piece of land instead of leasing would be easier. I don't know why I thought that, but I did. My own rules instead of someone else's, my own schedule and my own ideas is what lured me the most. I knew what I was getting myself into. I just didn't want to let the work load and the amount of time I would have to commit persuade me otherwise. It took the entire first year of working almost every weekend to just get the camp and riding trails trimmed up and situated the way we wanted them. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining one bit. I'm just saying it is an ongoing labor of love for sure.

We have so many more plans to keep us busy for years to come on the ranch.


Anyway, back to hunting. One of the best things I have going for me is to be able to hunt, fish and work right along side of my best friend, buddy and wife. I have been blessed with someone that shares all my interests no matter what I am doing. She will work and sweat beside me all day, hunt and fish with the best of em', relax on the porch with me in the evenings and looks pretty good while doing it all as well. Can't really complain about any of that.

One of the downfalls of the hunting seasons is that me and her are all-in leaving the daughters and grand babies to do their own things without us. It does make my girls mad sometimes when we can't make a birthday party, soccer game or dance recital. I always make the smartelic comment "You should have planned your birthing around hunting season." That never goes over too well to say the least. Or I will say, "I have been to hundreds of soccer games, now it's your turn." In the end, we love to do those things with our daughters and their children. I do feel it is part of our job not only as parents, but also grand parents. When the G babies start getting old enough, they will be sitting in the fields or stands with me, but until then I will try and make as many events as I can.

We all have now started sharing a calendar app on the phones where they can see our schedule, what dates we are free and when to schedule their parties or events. I know that may sound bad to some, but lets look at this glass half full for a second. I lived for my wife from the beginning and my children their whole lives. Everything I did was for them sacrificing whatever it was so they could have. Our time as providers and parents are over. We are advisors and mentors now. I do not want to treat them as they are still twelve years old without any knowledge, and may get hurt doing this or that. I give my advise when asked, and if they take it or not is up to them. We did a good job with our girls, and it shows in each one of them as well as in the way they are raising theirs. So I could sit on the porch and waste the rest of my life away wishing I did this or that and waiting for someone to need me, or I can do what I am doing now, going as hard and fast as we can go looking back telling everyone else to hurry and catch up if they want to go with us.   

We're wasting daylight......... Y'all come on if your going......... Get in the truck........


See ya next time.


Monday, August 31, 2020

Almost 2 Years

 Just shy of two years ago was my last post. I think that is the longest I have neglected putting down my life on paper, computer screen in this case. 

Instead of writing a mile long post getting everyone caught up on what all has happen these last two years, let me just summarize a few highlights and start over from scratch with new posts and adventures.

We have four grand daughters now, one more girl and one boy on the way and due January and February making a total of six. My oldest and youngest daughters are moving back close to home where we can all be together again. It will be great! I will have loads of pictures of the babies and how much they have grown.

We bought a little ranch out in West Texas a little over a year ago. We use it primary for family recreation hunting and selling day hunts here and there. It took us a lot of work to get it the way we want and even after a year of blood, sweat and tears it will continue to take up much of our time for years to come. 



 Knocking on the door of fifty years old now we had to slow down a little on the chili cooking and focus on us, our health and our ability to live a little longer so we took up the hobby of hiking and backpacking. This is not only a great way to get and stay in shape, it also gets us away from everyone and everything. I guess I like the commitment the most, let me explain. If I am hiking, lets say a ten mile loop and at mile five I am tired and would really prefer a couch and a cold drink there is no choice but to continue, finish and get back to the truck. On an out and back hike every step you take you have to take one back so at anytime you can turn around and call it good, that's why I like the loops better. 


We just celebrated our 30th anniversary last week. It's hard to think we have been doing this that long. We started young, struggled though and now live for each other. When I am asked from younger married folks what the secret is I always say, "Change it up." I believe being we are never sedentary, always trying new things, adventures and hobbies we stay entertained and our focus is always on ourselves and the next task. I am probably wrong, but who cares if it works for us right?  

  There is so much more, but time is short and work calls. 


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Hope to see ya there.

Until then,