JCF Mini Farm


  1. Interesting blog here. Here I thought I was a 'Redneck' from Idaho, but I have to say you got me beat. I do live in the mountains much of the time. Use an outhouse during those times. Propane lights though and a nice big wood stove. But, then I come back to the city to live out my life in sheer comfort with running water and such. I liked your stories. Hope all is well on the farm. www.thegreencitysite.com

    DJ Willie

  2. I like reading about the way you gradually modernized your old farm, and how you did things before then, too. It's good knowledge to have and it's being lost. Love your writing as well.
    Not sure I have all the energy to do it, but would like to start a rain harvesting system myself. Did you write about that here?

  3. What you and your family are doing is an inspiration. I did it for a while but my circumstances changed and now I miss and think about it every day. LORD bless you all with success and peace. It is a lovely place.