Monday, July 10, 2017

Final Preps

This week is all about the final preparations before my Canada fishing trip.
 I will be heading off to Hatchet Lake in Saskatchewan Sunday spending a week with some guys from work.
My company sends a few guys every year to give them a much needed break from work and to show them their appreciation for what they do and I got picked to go this year.
This will be my first time to go and hopefully not the last.

The biggest problem I am facing is the "What If" factor. What if I get stranded out on one of the many lakes, in a storm, not able to fly back to the lodge and have to seek shelter for a couple of days. Do I bring all the stuff to survive?
There, of course, is a weight limit on the amount of luggage you can bring everyday on the puddle jumping little airplanes. I will already be bringing poles, tackle, rain gear and two changes of clothes so I wonder if there will be room for MREs, fire making equipment and everything else I will potentially need. (Hatchet, ropes, tarps, emergency blankets, ect....)   
Talking with some of the guys that have been before, they all say to not worry and to just go and enjoy, but having a prepper mentality, that is hard to do.  

The biggest issue I have faced is the completely different type of fishing from what I normally do. Different fish, different tackle and different set ups all together. I had to buy most all new lures, travel cases and regular gear I did not have like layered clothes and so on. So in all, this free trip has cost a small fortune.

With the wife being out of town this week on business this gives me the perfect opportunity to pack, unpack, pack again and then redo it all once or twice more without her complaining I am taking up the entire tiny house with all my stuff. 
She says with all my new stuff I am "High Kept." I have a little story about being "High Kept" I want to share with you that happen this weekend. I may post that tomorrow or later on this week.

See ya,