Sunday, July 31, 2011

Down And Out

While the family was out yesterday we stopped by the book store to browse around a bit. They had all four of my wish list books on hand. They never have the books I am looking for when I have money, but today when the pockets are running dry, they had them all.
I have a nice collection of books and magazines already. The books range from Self Preparedness to Pioneer living and the magazines are mainly Backwoods, Grit and Mother Earth.
I am not much of a reader when it comes to romance novels or just your normal everyday book, I need real stuff that is practical and I can learn something from. The wife reads three to four books a week and I ask her if she learned anything. She just gets mad and stomps off.

Today is not to good of a day. The youngest brought home some bad stuff from church camp and now we all got it. It's kinda like the flu or strep throat. I have been using that for an excuse to take a couple of shots of whiskey to try and kill the bug that is hanging around down there.
Have you ever gargled tequila? It will almost take your breath away.      

Yall have a good week and stay cool. The weather man last night said this week will be the hottest yet and we are going to break all kinds of records. Oh joy!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Day

The youngest got back from church camp yesterday and you really don't know how much you miss the kids until they are gone for a few days. Plus, she is my helper. No matter what I am doing she is right there willing to lend a hand. So this morning I busted her out of bed at daylight and with some resistance, she followed suit and came out back to help with the morning chores.
She is the only one that does not have a job now and we try to give her some money here and there for whatever she needs, but it's nothing like having your own money to spend any way you want. Being that she does so much around here I told her this morning I would give her all the money from the cans if she bagged them up. The wife needs to go into town this week anyway and this little stop at the metal yard will give the youngest the pocket change she has been wanting. I have about 15 bags of crushed cans and I am figuring to get around 40 to 50 dollars.

After chores were done I wanted to make a quick run down to the old farm for some old barn wood. It seems someone dumped several truck loads of old fence panels out and now we have to haul them off.  I don't understand how someone can think they have the right to dump on another persons property like that. It takes a pretty worthless person to do that. Never the less, I picked up a truck load of the wood fence panels and took off a bunch of hinges and latches. This wood will eventually be made into some nice bird houses and other decorations. You can do so much with this stuff.
I once built a China hutch out of old fence pickets and I even put them down on my floors in the old house. Speaking of the old house, I trimmed it with fence pickets and all the interior doors were made with them as well. Talk about rustic.

One more thing. While I was down there, I decided to stop by a garage sell and see what all they had.  I picked up this old working three burner cook stove. I already have two, two burners but I never had a three burner. I got this for $5.00


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Promised Picture

I was excited when I got home from work today because a box with Emergency Essentials wrote on it was sitting unopened on the table. I placed a small order with them to help in the filling of my BOB a while back and it finally arrived.
Not much, just some stuff I knew I did not have like a couple of tube tents and some packaged foods.
On the left is a stack of Mexican style Mac & Cheese and on the right is a bunch of Spice Pound Cake. At these prices, it would be cheaper to take these for lunch than a PP&J sandwich. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


When I sell something I never want to see it again because usually if I do, then I generally have to give the customer their money back. A returned product usually means a loss of money and a loss of a potential return customer.
Yesterday a customer we sold some goats to several months ago called and asked the wife to come over because they were having some problems with the goats. The momma goat had a bad infection in her utter and could not nurse the babies. Luckily this was not any nanny goats we sold them.
They were fed up with all the problems they were having trying to raise goats and told the wife to just take them all. They even gave back the goats we sold them in the first place.

I hate the fact they were having so many problems and I hate the fact their problems are now my problems and we now have two bottle babies that will take more money to raise than we can ever get out of them and a nanny that can not be bred again. The other goats they gave us might be able to make up for the loss though. I already sold them once.
The people said they want to raise goats later when they move to their bigger farm down South and I don't blame them one bit. I went over to their house a few months back to help deliver some babies only to have it end with putting the nanny down. It was a bad deal.

They also tried to give us a pig. They have been trying to give me this pig for several months and I just don't want a old pot belly pig that has an attitude.

It is to hot to go out and take pictures of the new babies but I will have some on here tomorrow.       

Monday, July 25, 2011

Community Support

My cousin that moved from Georgia a few months ago works in town at a nice little merchandise store. It's almost like a Mini Walmart of sorts. The other day she brought over several bags full of what the store did not want to box up and keep during the winter.

This is just part of the seed haul. My mom got a bunch and I think several other members of the family got some as well. I think we counted last night close to 400 packages of herbs and vegetable seeds and still have a whole other bag of flower seeds.
The wife and the youngest sat in the floor and separated them all out.
They decided on what they wanted to keep and plant and the rest is being donated to the church.

Our church has a hope ministry that gives food to whoever needs it with no questions asked. All the church asks for is that they get to pray with you before you leave. These seeds will go to the community garden to grow more food to give to the ones that need it. They will also be given away in the package to help people start there own gardens so they can grow their own food.
In the right hands, a package of seeds can be worth so much more than one sack of produce.

Thank yall for stopping by. Have a great day tomorrow. 

Oh, I want to give a quick Welcome to some new Modern Day Redneck family members.  
Howdy and Welcome to the family. Don't be shy and leave plenty comments so we can get to know ya. I respond to every comment left although it may be a day or so. If you take the time to comment then I will take the time to respond.
Thank yall again for becoming members of Modern Day Redneck and if you need something just let me know.     

Sunday, July 24, 2011

250 Miles To E

When I put gas in my truck, the little computer shows a message on the dash how many miles I can drive until I hit empty. If I run out of gas then I guess I can not blame anyone but myself because a continually watch the miles roll off until I get uncomfortable enough and stop for gas. Then the whole process starts all over again.

This morning I did the same thing, but instead of filling my truck up with gas, I filled my soul up with the Holy Spirit. My gauge read 1 1/2 days to E and I was getting uncomfortable with my thoughts, actions and words. Some weeks my soul tank can run and never fall below half a tank and other weeks I am flirting with empty by Tuesday night. It would not hurt me one bit to top off my tank three times a week and some of the times I need to.
Daily devotion by reading the good book is one way I try and keep the gauge sitting above the half mark during the week and often a quick prayer is like one of those 5 hour energy drinks.  This week I got into the flesh a little bit and didn't like it. If it was not for the 5 hour energy boosts my tank would have ran out a lot sooner.
I tell you right now, the spirit was moving in Church this morning. If you did not get on fire then your wood was wet.
Come on in fellers, the waters fine.        

I wanted to give a shout out to a new blog. She has been a reader of Modern Day Redneck for a long time and has just started down the road of having a blog. She has a way with words and is a whole lot better writer than I am. Of course most of yall are anyway.
If yall could show her the same support you have showed me I would appreciate it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stress Reliever

With the undo stress put on the family this week I thought it would be good for them all to get out and finally have a little fun and try and relax for a few hours.

This big lake borders Oklahoma and Texas and is not to far from the house.
I had the rare chance to have all my girls with me today and I was not going to waste it. Those days are numbered now and every chance I get I plan to take advantage of it.
The wife had a chance to catch up on some reading while sitting in the shade of the cliffs and I had the chance to just sit and not worry about nothing for a little while.  

 Free family entertainment, that's living right there.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Well Saga Update

Through the grace of God, Family and good Friends the water is flowing again. I don't know where I would be without and one of those three.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Saga

The well saga is something I really did not want to continue to bore you with but I will give a quick update then move on.
In my last post I did not tell the whole story because I knew it would be a very long post and I get bored real easy when reading long posts. So here is the deal.
We are on a shared well here. The well is shared with two properties. The land in which the well sits on is the land to the North of me. It is a rental house and the owner lives in NC. I offered to fix it myself after finding a pump but she told me that she wanted a professional so the work would be under warranty and if I touched it then I own it. That is why I cannot buy a pump and fix it myself. We do share the cost of repair which in this case, my part is $900.00
I spoke with her yesterday and she wanted the amount up front or she would cut my water off. I told her I could pay it out but did not have it all upfront. She is being unreasonable about it. Now it has gotten into a legal issue and that is all I'm going to say about that.
The well has to fixed by the weekend due to the renting neighbors agreement with the landowner. Me and her will work it out one way or the other.

I read a post a week or so ago about the differences of being a prepper and a survivalist. It seems that the old survivalists do not like to be called preppers. Kinda like rich people do not like to be called yuppies and blue collar workers do not like to be called rednecks. I am a prepper until I have to be a survivalist. This week proves my point. I prepped for this and even though I was not 100% prepared, I can survive.

Help from family and friends goes along way when you are in need. My dad loaned me a 200 gallon water tank for the animals. While filling the tank I also refilled the toilet water containers. Worse comes to worse and he did not have water then I have enough to live on for a week or so before I have to start getting water from the lake and purifying it. This event also showed me the areas where I need to improve and where the biggest necessity is, more drinking water. I can always go to the bathroom behind the barn but having enough water to drink for a few months is essential.

Community support is one other area I did not take into consideration. When this happen I immediately went into survivor/pitty mode. Woe is me and now I have to struggle once more to live. Not knowing if this was going to be for a few days or a few months I got angry and wanted to flee. I plan to improve on that and stick to my guns. I would be worse off trying to start over somewhere rather than fixing the problem at hand. This place drives me crazy and I would much rather live in an more summer friendly environment but this is what I got for now.
The blogger community support is something I have never had until I decided to sit down and start one. I was set back at the support this community showed offering anywhere from pumps, labor to money. Yall don't even know me and were willing to do what it took to take care of this situation. That's American right there.
Even though I am not out of the woods yet on all this, I want to thank yall for the prayers, thoughts and support you showed. I know now not to stress as much if I get into another jam.

I won't bore yall anymore on the well saga. When it is fixed I will just say the water is flowing for now.
Thanks again.                

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CAUTION, Whining Ahead!!!!!

I am just about done. I have put a lot of time and money into this place and all it does is fight me back. The well went out today.
We had a guy come and check it out and he says it's the motor and it will be around $1200 to fix it.
I have another guy coming out for a second opinion.
It has not rained in two months so all the rain water I had harvested is gone. We have been using it so we could ration the well water and save the pump from being over worked. We limit our showers to just a few minutes each and I have mastered mine down to just three. You name it and we have done it to save the well this summer and it still goes out. If I would have known that then I would have stayed in the shower longer and filled the tub up for a long bath a few times.

I work like a dog in this heat with long hours and during the summer is when I can get the most overtime. The overtime money is suppose to be put back for the winter so we can live when I can not work. For the past two years all the overtime money has gone to fix the sewer, the piece of crap AC and the stupid well.
Last summer the AC was out once, the sewer had to be completely redone and the well went down for several days and had to have the electrical redone. This year the AC has gone out twice, the pumps in the septic are on the fritz again and now the well.
I tell you this, if the AC goes out while the well is down, I might just pack my bags and walk out of this place. I could get a all bills paid two bedroom apartment for $800 a month. The only thing I would have to worry about then would be living instead of fight this place and trying to stay alive.

We have drinking water but not enough to last long, a week or two tops. Our showers will consist of water bags filled everyday with a quick wet, soap and rinse. We have enough containers to refill every two days for the bathroom needs and could use the lake water .

If this was the real deal and everyone was out of water we would be in bad shape. I would need a storage of about 10,000 gallons to last a month with all these kids, animals and gardens.  Where would I store that? If we had to live off of what I have stored, I guess the animals would die, the gardens would wither away

I don't know how long this will last. If it is the pump then we are screwed. 

Monday, July 18, 2011


Bug Out Bag,
Get Home Bag,
Stay Gone Bag,
Start Over Bag,
How many bags are there?

Yesterday I started getting my Bug Out Bag together. Opening every drawer and cabinet I looked for items I might need in a 72 hour evacuation situation.

When I was younger I carried a similar bag everywhere I went and I never called it a Bug Out Bag. I called it my emergency kit. It came in handy several times while out on the road with an old pickup that would put you to walking at a moments notice. Back then there was no such thing as a cell phone. You just got out and walked home.

This new fad to have a bag for every event that life can throw at you is exhausting. If I had a bag for everything, then I would have nothing left in the house to come back to. Can you be prepared for every event and if you can, would you be able to have the time to sift through and grab the right bag for that event? The only reason I would have to evacuate from this place is storms and fires.

So after pulling whatever I could find from the shelves that I thought the family would need to live on for a 3 day outing, I wanted to see what other people put in theirs. I found a great website that showed pictures of different bags and the contents within them. I soon found out that I needed a lot more than I could scrounge up from around the house. Plus I quickly realized my bag was not big enough. What I did not know was that there is more than one bag you need to have.
The Get Home Bag is a bag that stays in the vehicles so you can get home. The Stay Gone Bag is for if you evacuated your house to live in a compound you have already built somewhere else. The Start Over Bag is when you just wonder off in the woods to start a new life. Each bag having different items for that purpose.

Here is the way I am gong to do it. I already have all the stuff to get me home from work in my truck and it's not in a bag. The items are in every nook and cranny that I can find. You might could say the truck is the bag. The one problem with that is if I can not drive home then I will have to grab what I can carry with me leaving the rest. It's not but a days walk from work to home.
My personal truck is the same way. It has whatever I need in it. I do have a small bag under the back seat I can stuff things in if need be to get back home and ditch the truck.

I am not going to do a SGB or a SOB. Everything in the BOB and the items in the truck will do the trick for extended stays if need be. I still need to get a few things like ponchos, tube tents, thermal blankets, collapsible water cans, collapsible fishing pole, 100 more rounds of ammo and some MREs and energy bars, but if I had to get out now I think I could manage just fine without all those bags to have to worry about.       

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where is Your Spot?

 I found this website a while ago and did the survey. It asked a few questions and then gives you your top 25 places you would most want to live. My # 1 spot is Mount Airy North Carolina. That is a long way from this hot and dry North Texas. You might enjoy seeing how far you are away from the spot you want to be at the most.

With the combined gardens of mine and my mom's, we were able to get enough cucumbers to justify heating the house and make pickles. The wife spent a few hours cutting and canning enough dill pickles to last over a year. 
I love that smell.

The gardens are having a real ruff time making it in this heat. I cannot put enough water on them to keep the plants alive. An hour after watering I can dig down an inch or so and hit dry ground. It does not matter how long I let the water run. I think next year I am going to bury the soaker hoses about three to four inches into the ground and then that might keep the soil moist longer.
I went ahead and pulled up some unproductive pepper plants and threw them to the chickens. The little hens had a field day with all those green leaves. These plants were not making many peppers anyway and the ones they did make were dried up before they got ripe.

It is to hot to do much outside today so I plan to get my Bug-Out-Bag together and ready. Now I just have to find it.
(That's funny)  

Saturday, July 16, 2011

733 Miles Part 2

Sorry it took so long to get back to part 2 of this series. It has been really busy around here since we got back from out little trip.
For the blogs I follow, I do apologize for not being able to leave as many comments as I should, but hopefully things will slow down a bit and I can get back to reading and commenting again.

Part 2
The first part was about the blog meet and the girl going to college and this part is is about the trip and what we did.
Being a native Texan I feel it is my duty to learn as much as I can about this great state. I am ashamed at the fact the first time I saw the Alamo was when I was in my early thirty's but never the less I did see it.

Next on the list was Washington on the Brazos which is what we did this week. It is the birth place of Texas and it is where the Deceleration of Independence from Mexico was drafted and signed.     
We also had to prove that the wife is a direct descendent of one of the signers and she got a t-shirt and is registered with the Daughters of the Republic of Texas now. 

There is not much to this little town but the history of just walking in the foot steps where Sam Huston and many other famous Texans did is enough to put you in aww.
This building is Independence Hall where all the delegates met to read the Deceleration and vote on it.   
If you are into History and like a good story on how Texas came to be, then this is the place to be.

After the tour of Washington on the Brazos I put on my work boots and got my gloves because it was time to work on the farm.
I have been gitty about this for a week and told the wife that is I did not get to do anything else but work the team of oxen, I would be happy.
The hype was all for nothing. It was in the off season and the farm was all but shut down. The half drunk guide saw my disappointment and took us on a tour anyway.
The first place we stopped was the chicken pen. He proceeded to tell me all about chickens and when he was done I told him his chickens are sick and how to cure them. He would not hitch up the oxen for me and most of the buildings were under construction so we did not get to go in them.
I did get to do some wood working but I showed little enthusiasm doing so.
He talked as if he farmed hundreds of acres and when I asked him is this all the fields he had, he just lowered his head and said yes.
On our way out he said he needed to get back to the chicken pen and do some work on it. I perked up and asked if I could help and he said no.
Big, big disappointment. They advertise it to be a place to come and live like your ancestors did so that's what I was going to do. All it is, is a tourist attraction.

A days ride on horse back away we found the Fanthrop Inn. You need to look this one up. A unbelievable story of a guy that came from England and lived the dream. This is on the way to Washington on the Brazos and everyone stopped here before heading on in. Sam Houston had his own room here and three presidents had slept here.
 This was fine dinning. A servant would stand outside the window and pull on the rope that made the fans move back and forth to keep you cool and to keep the flies off ya while you ate. That's living right there.
Everything in this Inn is original items from the 1840's and 50's that were used in the Inn.
A must see.    

Besides the working farm, it was a good trip. I love history and learning everything I can about it. On this trip I got to learn quite a bit of the not so normal stuff you learn out of a book.
I am not sure the wife liked it as much as I did though.    

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

733 Miles Part 1

I have much to say and not enough time to say it in and you probably don't want to read that long of a post anyhow so I am going to break it up into a couple of posts.

Part #1.
733 miles round trip is what we finally drove. I averaged 14.8 miles to the gallon and maintained a blistering average speed of 45.9 MPH. That is over a course of three days on the highway, through the city and off in the back roads. I am wore plumb out.
In part two I will tell yall about the Amish village I was at and some of the things we got to see and learn but in this quick post I want to talk about the Blog Meet and the Girl.

Monday we took the tour of Texas A&M and learned some really good stuff about the university I never knew. They are big on symbolism and deep meanings on just about everything your see. For instance, Rutter tower is built 11 stories tall because that was the same height Doctor Rutter and his men had to climb during an invasion in WW11. Things like that are all over the campus dating all the way back to the 1800's. It is a real privilege that my daughter will now be part of that living history.
The girl stayed on campus in a dorm room for her first time while the wife and I stayed in luxury at the Hilton. I could never afford the room we we in but with the new Aggie parent discount, they made it as affordable as a motel 6 so we did it.

As we went our own ways Monday night I guess it kinda hit me that the girl will be living here and not with me for the first time in her life and it was at that moment I think I made a huge mistake.
I have prepped her her whole life for this moment but never took the time to prep myself. I don't know how I am going to just drive away next month and let her start her life without me there. I don't know how to deal with this at all. Parents do this all the time so why is this so hard?
We all want our kids to do better than we did and I know in the end this will be the best thing she could ever do. Not that my life has been bad but I do not want her to hang around this one horse town and marry some dirt farming redneck like her momma did. We have had way to many struggles in life and this girl is way to smart not to make a big name for herself.
In the end if she is happy by doing what her momma did, then I will be happy for her but in the meantime, she needs to do this herself and know she is somebody without having somebody to take care of and then always wonder what could have been. I just wished it could be closer.

Tuesday night after some site seeing, the wife and I met up with HossBoss from womanrunswithhorses and her hubby Yeoldfurt. She says it was a blog meet and I guess she is right.
After reading about a persons life for over a year now I already new them and though of them as friends. I just have never met them. I probably over thought this meeting way to much but I was kinda nervous because I did not know if I needed to live up to the Redneck image or try and sound more educated and proper.
All my worries went out the window in the first 30 seconds when the two women teamed up and started to harass us two men folk.
I knew I was in good company when I was made fun of using a knife and fork, together at the same time so I finally gave into formalities and just used my fingers. Over the next three hours the blogs only came up a few times and most of the conversations were focused on getting to know one another on the stuff not blogged about.  She puts it in better words than I do so you will have to read hers to get a better understanding of the blog meet.
We had them as internet friends but now they are good friends with a life long connection.  We plan to make several more trips down there over the next few years and plan to meet up again.

Is that crazy or what? I guess the people who read our blogs in this little circle we all have are a lot closer than we think. Like it or not, you people are stuck with me and I hope one day I get to meet you all.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old Tires

You know if you have an old tire and it keeps going flat on you. You put in several cans of Fix-A-Flat and it has so many plugs in it you find yourself pushing in a plug next to another one and airing it up hoping it will get you to town and back. That's kinda like my AC. We did get it going again by patching a patch that had been patched. The unit will have to be replaced eventually but for now we are replacing non working parts with wore out parts to keep it running till fall.

For the past two mornings I have been going over to my dad's with my buddy Dave and my youngest girl to put the roof back on the barn that blew off in the storms we had a month or so ago. Let me tell you what, you might think your all that but when you have to hold up boards and a 20 pound nail gun standing on a 3'X3' platform attached to the front of a tractor 20' in the air, at the end of the day even your butt cheeks hurt.
It was just in prep for what I plan to do on Tuesday I guess.

I would have taken the camera but I didn't want it to get hurt. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Not Enough And Getting Worse

It reached 106 degrees today and my AC is on the fritz once more. I have the repair man coming out in the morning, again, to asses the situation. If I had the money to fix it right in the first place then we would not be having all these problems. We have been patching a leaky hole with bubble gum so to speak.
This would not be that bad but I am needing the money for the A&M trip next week so maybe we can patch it one more time before winter and that would give me enough time to save up for a new unit.

On a good note, we are doing our best to keep the animals cool and alive and so far it is working. The gardens are just about to give up the fight though. I water them day and night and the soil is dusty an hour after I water. I might end up having to build a hoop house over all the raised beds just to keep the Texas sun off them.
I have done this nasty heat for 40 years now and I am just about done with it.

No pics today, nothing outside looks good enough to take pictures of anyway.     

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's Funny Like That

I tell you what's funny. I got more comments on yesterdays post on doing nothing than the post on a project I worked on day and night for several weeks. All I can do is chuckle and scratch my head on that one.

It is back to work for three days and off for another five. Next week is the week I prove to myself I have what it takes to live the way they did back in 1833. They may try and hurt me making the adventure only last a few minutes or if I can man up and take it, it may last all day. Either way I plan to enjoy every minute of it and try and learn a thing or two.
I have seen and read about places kinda like this where you can go and live for a few weeks and learn. I think it was a place called Rabbit Run or something like that but I cannot remember. From what I can recall, it is a ban of hippies living in the sticks and live off nothing but renewable energy and only using what they grew on the farm. It was part of the green movement. I guess they get there money from having workshops and people pay to learn. I would do it. 
They came up with several things I liked.  The grain silos they converted into houses was one of them. What I did not care for was the fact they used there own poo for fertilizer. Yes it was composted down and done right but I just don't see it. It was had enough to get the girls to use the outhouse much less have them go in a bucket with sawdust.  Never the less, I would like to try living 100% green for a while, I could improve the Mini Farm so much if I got the chance to learn and live that way.

Try and stay cool tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Days Off

I hope everybody had a great holiday. It was a hot one here but end the end everyone had a good time, ate plenty of good food and everyone got home safe.

For some reason my work decided to take today off with yesterday and make it a four day weekend. Believe me I am not complaining but it is to hot to do much outside so I am only wanting to get out early in the morning and late in the evening. Last night I worked up until 9:30 and early this morning I got some fence repair done. Other than that is has been laying around and watching movies and relaxing.

I have really been wanting to do some research on some things but have been to lazy to even read. I was wanting to find out how long a earth oven would last while out in the weather. They all say you have to do routine maintenance on them anyway, but nobody says if they last out in the open where they can get rained on or if you have to put a cover over them.
If I have to do all that then I will just make mine out of fire brick and concrete instead of having the thing melt away in a rain storm.

I think I am going to go ahead and make the outdoor kitchen for the simple reason of seeing if it will all work together. In the event I move in a few years, I will then be able to adjust the areas and add or subtract items as needed to make it the most productive and useful outdoor facility it can be. Plus, I am getting tired of messing with chickens all the time.     

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Secret Project Completed

After several weeks of working on the Secret Project, it is now completed. 64 pages of Redneck Cooking right here all bound together and made available to you. Colored photos and the whole nine yards.

This is my first attempt at doing anything like this and I really enjoyed it. I had a hard time stopping and deciding on what to put in it. I could have filled so many more pages but the price was getting bigger and bigger so I decided to stop at 64. This is not your normal run of the mill Cookbook that was edited by some some professional that you would find on the shelves at the store. These are my own pictures and my own words put together for others to enjoy.

This is a first in a series. The next one will be "Open fire Cooking" 

You can pick one up at  Modern Day Redneck Cookbook   

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I don't Think You Belong To Me

 This little hen jumped up on a few goose eggs about a month ago thinking they were hers and look who joined the party yesterday. She has to be wondering how in the heck did this happen..

Friday, July 1, 2011

Redneck Thought Of The Day

I was listening to a Christian radio show this morning and the host got me to thinking.

If a Gay gene was to be found and it was proven that you are born that way and a pregnant woman carrying a baby with the gay gene decided to have an abortion, would the gay activists demand the ban on abortions and would the government then recognize it is a baby because it's gay?

Just a thought.