Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

To all, Happy New Year

Please be safe tonight.
I asked a buddy of mine what he was doing and he said he was staying home. Of course I asked why and he said getting hammered on New Years was for amateurs and with him being a professional drinker, he would leave it to them. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

My Friday's Redneck Thought Of The Day

You know how a woman thinks a man has it easy as far as his part in giving birth. I wonder if a chicken thinks a woman has it easy because they give birth every day........

Thursday, December 29, 2011

But I Don't Want Rabbits

One of the most common questions I get from emails or in conversations with people is, "What is the first animal I should buy for my farm"

My answer is and always has been "Rabbits"

"But I don't want any rabbits right now, all I want are some eggs" is the response most of the time.

"Then buy chickens"

I am not saying I am right, but if you ask me I will say rabbits. Everyone's wants and needs are different. To say one wrench can fix your car is an understatement but bringing the whole tool box full of different size wrenches might just get the job done.
I look at a homestead completely different from a farm. A farm is to make a profit and a homestead is to make a life. Both can co-exist on the same piece of land if managed right.

Like I said, I am not saying I am right and everyone else is wrong because there are plenty of flaws in my design and just as many variables that can sink you just like I sunk last summer. What sometimes works for me may never work for you but I thought I would do a blog post and answer the question here so the next time the question is asked I can give the website.

Here is a list on how I started my farm/homestead two years ago. It worked and was really taking off for a while. My stupidity was what caused it fail, not the system. This system requires little overhead on feed if your gardens turn out.  

1. Rabbits - Should be the first animal to start off with. They reproduce quickly and can be sold for quick profit. They also grow quickly and can be harvested for food. While the rabbit business is building you can use the poo to improve your soil for the new gardens you need to be planting. Rabbit poo can directly be placed into the soil or around plants because it is not as hot as other animal poo. The poo can also be food for the next animal to get, worms.

2. Worms -Second on the list to get because this is where the dirt will be made to use for your started plants. Worm castings are the best dirt money can buy. Being full of nutrition, new seedling will have a better chance of survival. They are low maintenance and being fed rabbit poo makes them a no cost composting bin, plus you can sell the extra worm castings for some extra cash. When the population of your worms gets to large, you can start feeding them to the next animal to get, chickens.

3. Chickens - A homestead is not complete without a yard full of chickens. Now you have two sources of meat, Rabbits and Chickens plus fresh eggs. A free rang chicken is low maintenance and can be feed scraps from the kitchen and garden. If you pen up the layers you need to add worms and crickets for protein. Money to be made here is from fresh eggs, hatching eggs, chicks, pullets and grown layers.
If your garden is producing then not much will have to be bought to feed them. The chicks will require a high protein feed so there is some overhead there unless you let the momma hens raise them. The poo can be added with the rabbit poo and egg shells to be composted for next years gardens.

4. Crickets - Can be added for extra food for the chickens and in a crunch can be eaten. They are very low maintenance and reproduce by the hundreds. If you have a pet store close buy the crickets can be sold to them to feed their lizards.  

5. Goats - Another source of meat and poo plus the bonus of fresh milk. As long as you have some pasture you won't have to feed them very often. I still feed mine scraps from the gardens and grain once a day. Without a pasture they will require much more grain and hay. Money to be made on the goats are the kids, soaps and cheese. Where I live you cannot sell the milk for human consumption but you can sell it for soap making.

6. Pigs - One more source for meat. You can free range the pigs once they are big enough and feed them the byproduct of the cheese making for the protein. If you feed them gain like in my case, that is stickily overhead because I do not plan to breed pigs to sell. They are there just for meat, but you could have a few head and sell the piglets as feeders to offset your feed costs.

7. Fish - Another source of food for the family and once big enough could be sold as a "catch your own" by the pound and you can add a charge for cleaning the fish. I do not have fish yet but plan to in the near future.

Streams of income -
1. Rabbits - Sold for meat or pets.
2. Garden - Sell extra produce raw, canned or pickled and even a "pick your own" or a CSA.
3. Worms - Sold by the pound and the castings sold the same way.  
4. Crickets - Sold to pet stores or Lizard owners.
5. Chickens - Sold as meat, fresh eggs, hatching eggs, chicks, pullets and laying hens.
6. Goats -  Sell the kids, withers for meat, home made soaps and milk (but not for human consumption).
7. Pigs - Sell piglets as feeder pigs.
8. Fish - Sold by the live pound.

Many other sources can be added like fruit trees, mushrooms or homemade wood works and crafts.

Here is the flaws.
Getting too big too quick, not saving the profit, a very bad garden year and you are stuck with a huge feed bill, household or family emergencies.
All of these hit me last summer and I was not prepared for any one of them. That right there is what we call living and learning.

Like I said in the beginning, this is what I did, do and am doing. I am sure there are several out there shaking their heads but It worked for me and now with a little more knowledge it will work even better this time around (if I can quit dragging home useless animals).

I hoped this helped at least someone.                 

Dumpster Diving

Have you ever driven by and seen someone digging trash out of a dumpster filling their shopping cart with stuff you would consider trash and unuseful? Did you feel sorry for them or maybe felt you were too good to do something like that? Did you feel your social status raise a level?  Later on while sipping cocktails with friends did you bring up what you saw and everyone had a good laugh?
At what time does dumpster diving become socially acceptable? Is it when the crunch finally happens and we have to do it to feed our families? Is it acceptable if we were artists and looking for material to work with? Would it be okay if we were using the food found for animals and not human consumption?  

Lets explore the last one. The cost of feed and hay has skyrocketed to a price where only the rich can afford to keep animals. Around here nasty crap hay is going for $120 a round. A fifty pound bag of feed last year was $8.00 and now it is $13.50
There is no way to up the price of the animals you raise to overcome the cost of feeding it. If so, a Laying hen would be sold for around $30.00

The dumpsters in the little town I share a zip code with is a treasure trove for free food. The three little stores throw out several buggies of food a day that are only one day out of date. It is enough food to feed all my animals for weeks.
I have talked with the managers and the policy is the food must hit the dumpster before anyone can get it. They are not allowed to park the buggies out back and let me get it. I have to go into the dumpster and get it out. When told that, I just crinkle my nose and say no thank you.

Being the town I live near is so small, all it would take is one person to recognize me and before the kids get to school the next day it would be all over town that we were so poor that I have to get food out of the trash just to eat. Being unknown to them that I will still be eating my stored food months after they have already starved to death and this food is just for the animals, people will assume the worse and spread it like a wild fire. I have really never cared what "they" say about me but for the kids it would not be fair.

Here is another hypothetical. What if you finally decided in the cover of darkness to get that food and once home you see it is really good food, would you keep it and eat it yourself?

I should not have to worry about this stuff. I should be able to, with pride, dive head first into a dumpster full of box foods, canned goods, packages of pasta or day old bread and know I am saving money, but I don't.    

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Here is a howdy to tweezle over at for becoming the newest member of the Modern Day Redneck family.
Tweezle has a huge blog with a massive following and writes about and does book reviews. If you are looking for your next read then you might want to check out the blog and see what they say about it.

Thank you tweezle for hitting the join button and welcome to the family.  

Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Weekend

I was off for three days this Christmas weekend and I will be off another three next weekend as well.
Even though I did not work and the weather kept me from doing much outside, I still did my part over at mom's and was put to work right where I am most comfortable at, the kitchen.
That picture there is rare. Only a couple times a year I wear a collared shirt. I figured it was worth a picture to one of the girls to catch me in it.

Just like it should be at Christmas everybody and their dog showed up, no literally some brought their dogs, and we all had a good time. Some more than others when a new family member brought over his home made brew.

For the ones that do not know, this right here is why I am the meanest guy around.
These girls are my world.  
As far as work goes. I had the chance to get the pig pen done between rains and now they are happy little pigs plus the dogs get their yard back.

I also made two more batches of powdered eggs and ten pounds of beef jerky.

Oh, there's the laundry buzzer again, gotta run.
(Boy I hate rainy days)      

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my family and friends out there. I hope y'all have a good one.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Light Reading

A buddy of mine sent me this book in the form of an E-Book the other day. I have never read a full book from the computer and to print off six hundred and something pages would be a waste of paper and ink.
Unlike the wife, I think a book is better read holding it, dog earring the corners, spilling coffee on it and sometimes leaving it in the bathroom so I decided I would just skim through the E-Book picking up on some of the main points and tell him thank you, it was a great book. I figured I would need to read the first, second and last chapters to get the feel for the plot and make my story believable. Then I would be in the clear and could use my computer time for more productive things like playing games on Facebook.
Holy crap, I shouldn't have started reading it at all.
I really liked the book One Second After another friend of mine sent me and this one goes hand in hand with it just from another point of view.
I am now on chapter 16 and it is getting even better. My work is suffering because I cannot stop reading it. I held up a concrete truck from pouring yesterday because I needed to see what was going to happen next. Maybe I can finish it over the three day weekend.
On another note, maybe it will be dry enough to get something done this weekend. Yesterday's high was 63 and I am proud to say the inside of the batch water heater box was 175 degrees. I cannot wait for that first shower.

Howdy, Back to Back

I would like to say Howdy and welcome to Stephanie over at for becoming the newest family member of Modern Day Redneck. Please join in and leave some comments. I will reply to them as soon as I can.
Thank you and welcome.

Stephanie has a great Homesteading blog I am now a follower of with some real good info you might want to check out. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Howdy X 2

I want to say Howdy and welcome to Bobbi over at and to Daughter to THE King
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Bobbi has a real nice farm and family blog I am a new member of and DTTK has four blogs. Both are very talented writers and fit well in my blog roll. If you have the time, please check them out.

Thanks again.

Preparedness For Dummies

One of the only ways the family and I watch movies is through Netflix. It is cheaper than paying the high prices going to the picture show and it is cheaper than renting from the movie store that never has what you wanted to watch in the first place.

The other day I was browsing through Netflix's selection on survival movies and came across the movie "Disaster Preparedness For Dummies"
I was intrigued and decided to add it to my Queue. Being it was for Dummies I knew the movie would be at the elementary level but I thought I could pick up a new idea or two to incorporate into my system. It never hurts to see another point of view from time to time even if your wheel turns great and is not broken.
During the show I was disturbed to say the least. They did mention the 72 hour bag, or BOB, but it was a home bag. Three days of food was all you were to keep in storage because the authorities will get to you by then and direct you on what to do next. They also mentioned a car bag but it nothing in it except gloves and warm clothes.
Over and over throughout the one hour movie the narrators would instruct the viewers to stay put, seek shelter and wait for help. Not one time did it say you are on your own and must survive. They tried to convince me the government will take care of me and my family and they will seek me out, tell me what to do, and lend a helping hand.
This was our Red Cross telling people to be sheep. They showed pictures of shelters that were clean, private and safe. They did not show any from Katrina where the dead were piled, the raped were crying and the abused were sleeping on trash bags.
It was so bad even the oldest girl told me it was stupid and a waste of time. 

It is sad this is what it means to be prepared from our governments eyes.
Sorry for the rant but I did not want any of y'all to waste an hour of your life on this. I knew better from just the title of the movie.    

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


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If y'all like good down home farm blogs with a bunch of animals then here is your chance to check out a good one. Like me, she is from Texas so that makes her alright in my book.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh The Humanity

When I was younger and we had a pig farm it was not uncommon to cut around twenty pigs a weekend.
At twenty to thirty pounds all I did was grab a little unknowing male piglet, hold him upside down and my Dad would cut, pull and snip. Apply a little blood stop and the next little pig was up. Easy as eating gizzards.
Somewhere in the last 25 years it has gotten a lot harder. I don't know if it is age or just being out of practice. It could possibly be that this one was seventy pounds and really did not want to loose his junk.

I posted this picture on facebook and had one response asking why it took four people to do the deed when it only takes them two and one being a girl. 
I tip my hat to her because this little pig kicked my butt.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Total Solitude For 33 Years

Off an old county road, a row of mail boxes and a leaning no trespassing sign is the only hint you will see of a community who chose to live in complete solitude from society over thirty three years ago.

Today the family and I had the unique opportunity to be invited into this small group of people and tour how they live without many of the influences and necessities from the outside world.
Rainbow Valley was created in 1978 as an overflow from White Hawk, another off the grid community started a few years before in the late sixties. In the mid eighties as many as forty families lived in the valley and worked toward the greater good of preserving life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Now years later, just a hand full of members remain.

In the Valley's hay day life was made up of complete self sufficient living plus helping one another and giving back to the community in which they lived. During the harvest months the residents would pick their gardens and take baskets of food to the community center and exchange vegetables, knowledge and crafts. It was not uncommon in those days to find each dwelling place with a complete working farm full of gardens, animals and many different items to live by themselves without asking for help from the outsiders.
With age came less tolerances for fighting the Texas weather and most moved away leaving a few behind to cherish the golden years on their own. Today I did not see any bountiful fall gardens full of color and vegetation or animals carelessly free ranging fating themselves up for the winter harvest. Instead I saw a lost world succumbed to aging people holding on to a past that has outrun them many years ago.

The more I talked and asked questions the more my gracious host stood upright straightening his curved overworked back producing a smile and a thought that maybe his life was something of interest after all.
He invited us into his house where his family was busy doing the daily activities of survival. I stood at the thresh hold of his house in complete awe to how easy I actually have it. I started to ask why they chose this lifestyle but quickly remembered all the times I have been asked that same question. I already knew the answer before it ever came to my lips and along with my family stood embracing the sight before us which was so many levels above my willingness and thought process. I was now the outsider trying to understand why and how.

The kind gentleman took us to every room in his self built underground house describing in detail every aspect of every item they used to live. His most prized possession besides his antique claw foot bathtub was a seventies model stereo system where he had to have me hear the great acoustics of what a round underground house sounded like. Flipping open the wooden top to a turn table that showed almost a half a century of wear, he gently placed a Rolling Stones record on it and cranked the volume up to max.
Last week, if you will recall, I was called a hippie from a very educated English professor. During the time my ears were throbbing to the Stones, I looked over at the middle daughter and she smiled with a knowing smile that yes, maybe the great professor was not wrong after all.
Once our hearing was restored to normal we ventured outside to were the main reason for me stopping by was tucked away behind and on top of his house. I wanted to see his solar set up and take notes on how it was done on the cheap. I was not disappointed with what I saw.
Anyone with the money can buy and have installed a fifty thousand dollar turn key tracking solar system to supply power to the whole house. I wanted to see real life, raw solar, virgin thought and that is exactly what I got. He did not really want pictures of it so all I can tell you is it was a true work of art. Cables held together by clothes pins, Solar panels of varying sizes linked together with scrap wire and mounting brackets made from pieces of unwanted wood found here and there. Everything the books tell you not to do he did it and it worked. I was truly impressed and took detailed notes.

What I did not see was any type of food storage. I know it is a carnal law that you are not to ask someone face to face about their stored provisions. I am so used to the internet and pretty much everyone is anonymous and willing to share what they have that I had to check my manors. I finally broke the ice by telling him that if you had to put a label on us then it would best fit under the label preppers. Of course I thought he would know what that meant but without internet for all those years he needed a better explanation. I explained the solar bath house, the animals, the solar oven, the rain water harvesting and most of all the food storage (but not giving off too many details myself). He did not say anything at first but then took his hand and waved across the wooded valley and said he had all he needed right here.
I asked how long did he think he could survive if the coming economic crash was to hit today. As soon as the words left my mouth I knew the answer and knew that was a stupid question better left unasked. All the sudden I felt like a city folk and was embarrassed I even asked it. He knew it and just grinned.      

We were able to tour the 200 acre property and even go into some of the abandon underground houses. The architectural design of some of these homes was amazing. As cool as it was outside, every place we walked into was a constant temperature.       

It is a wonder we do not practice this type of building more often.

Our host even felt inclined to give me an old generator. He said it needed a little work but it was still a jewel. I could not say no, that would have just been rude.

My new friend, like the other remaining residents of Rainbow Valley will never leave. They will live there until they die and probably be buried there. He said the outside world has long passed him by and there was no place in it for his kind.
I left Rainbow Valley with mixed emotions today. Envious of them for living the way they chose with what they have and not needing much of anything from anybody or society but I also left a little heart broken that we all do not live that way. Self governed, self reliant and self sufficient only relying on what we do for ourselves and our community to survive. Instead we have become a "Me" world only wanting what we think we are entitled to.

Early Morning Redneck Humor


Friday, December 16, 2011


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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Might Have Messed Up On This One

One of the most sought after times of the year for me is Fall/Winter. It is where all the good cooking happens.

Last spring I built a cold smoker so I could smoke my own bacon, hams and sausage. All summer I saw it just sitting there, not being used. I have been biting at the bit for fall to get here so I can finally make my own bacon.

Just like all store bought foods, bacon is really not bacon. The pigs that are bred for slaughter are not fed for great tasting meat, they are bred and fed for production and profit.
The store bought bacon is pumped with water to create more poundage. That is the reason the store brand decreases in size so much when you cook it. All you are buying is water with a little meat in it. 

If you do not know, bacon comes from the belly cut of the pig, hence pork belly. There was a time when I could get this cut for almost nothing. Now at best in my area the price is $2.59 a pound. I can buy already cured and smoked cheap bacon at that cost. One meat market says it is because of the fuel prices and another says it is because all those dang cooking shows are driving the price up as a specialty cut.
I searched and called every meat market within 100 miles and the prices were all close to the same.
We are only one generation removed from doing all this ourselves. Most of our grandparents and even our parents always had a hog or two around the farm to feed up for the winter processing, curing and smoking. They new the importance of stocking up and preparing because their life depended on it. Plus the tastes from fresh homegrown meat is so much more favorable than any other you can buy. The old timers say once you had real bacon you will never buy that store bought crap again.

This is where I might have messed up. Being I could not find pork belly at a reasonable price and being I do not like store bought bacon and also being I am almost out of bacon, ham and sausage from our last pig, I bought two more pigs.
Last time I was able to go in halves on a pig with a friend and my half came to me in real nice little packages. I did not have to feed it, water it, kill it or process it. For the money it was a deal I could not pass up. Now I have two more mouths to feed and a bunch of work to do.    
Meet Red Pig and White Pig

This was a rookie mistake. I let my pride get in the way on this decision.
"$2.59 a pound, they can kiss my butt. I will just go buy my own pigs" was my attitude last night driving to the sell.
On the way home it was a little different. I realized I did not have a pen and I did not have a shelter for them, I was completely unprepared.
The first and number one rule in animal husbandry is to be prepared for your new arrivals. If I was to practice what I preach, I would not be shooting from the hip. Needless to say, this weekend will be all about pigs.       

No Hurry

About a month ago my Dad brought over a load of some of the best compost I have seen. This pile of rotted hay, cow manure and no telling what has been cooking for almost 2 years. You can't even tell what is once was.

Slowly but surely I am moving the dump trailer load one wheel barrow at a time. I do not see a need to kill myself with this so whenever I think about it or get bored I go out and shovel a couple of wheel borrow loads into the raised beds.

Every year I have to add compost to the garden beds. Over the course of the growing seasons the older compost in the beds compresses and decays down even more leaving room at the top for more beautiful nutrient filled dirt to be applied leaving no reason to till and disturb the gardens ecosystem .

I had planned on doing a separate 30x30 garden this spring and planting nothing but sunflowers. I wanted to extract the black sunflower seed oil to use for most of my cooking needs. Further research has shown me the oil causes cancer for women, but then other web sites say they help lower the risk. Many of the sites I visited say it one way and many others say it another. I really do not want to take the risk at this point so I will stick to store brand cooking oil unless proven otherwise.    

Presently I have five raised garden beds I grow in. I have enough material on hand to add one to two more and plan to do so when I get the chance. I also need to build a sun screen over at least two of the beds so if we have another summer like the last one, I can at least save some of the plants and not have to eat so many store bought canned foods.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Food Storage Blues

When you have nine shelving units stacked full of food, supplies and medications it is hard to see any improvements when you go grocery shopping.

Last weekend the wife and I made our bi-monthly food run to as many as half a dozen stores. Where we go all depended on what is on sell and what I have coupons for.
You may laugh at this point picturing me sitting at the kitchen table on a Friday night clipping coupons and planning out the next mornings market run. A far cry from my younger years where Friday nights you would find me in........ well, we all have been there I'm sure.

With the coupons and savings cards we saved right at $100.00 on food. I know that is nothing compared to the extreme couponers saving up in the thousands but it is great for our needs and our budget.
I kinda have a growing problem with the store's savings card and the government tracking our purchases but the little bit I spend at each store, I would not think it would raise a red flag.

We brought home $400 dollars worth of food for $297.00
Once back at home our ritual is, I back the truck up to the front porch, one kid jumps in the back and the other, the wife and myself start a train to the pantry room until all bags are safely behind closed doors.
Being I am the one with OCD, I am the only one that stocks the shelves, anyone else will not do it right, so they tell me.

The downer is, after all the food is put up, the wife will every single time come in and say the same thing, "Wow, did we even get anything, I can't tell"

I hang my head in disgust because I know she is right. Having that much food in storage, a couple of hundred dollars worth disappears within the monster.

My food storage is different than what I read about and how others do, it is also our pantry. I started it all with a very detailed inventory list but that is long gone. Now, I have moved to a more high tech method. I downloaded an app on my phone and on Friday night I go into the pantry and scan the bar codes of each item I need and then enter a number of how many needed. I know the max amount is 3 stacks of 10 on the caned goods. The max number is different for the condiments, box foods and others. All that is wrote down.  So if there is only 20 of that canned item, I scan the bar code and enter 10. Now I have my shopping list with me when I go through the coupons and sale flyers. Pretty simple now hu? If that said item is not on sell, or the budget only allows a purchase of 5 of that item then that is what it is. 5 more will be added to the list in two weeks.

By the way, the oldest girl BlueEyedBaby is back home for a month. I welcome the worry free sleep I will now experience. One of the first things she said to me was "I want to build something cool dad"
I know just the right project I am going to stick her on too.

A Double Howdy

I would like to Howdy and welcome to Georgessmythe and Country Life for becoming the two newest members of the Modern Day Redneck Family. Thank y'all for joining and if you need anything my email in in the right sidebar.

If you get a chance, please swing by County Life  and tell her old Red sent ya. She has a wonderful blog that is right up our ally. You will enjoy it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Finally, Perfection At Last

At last it is done. I am not ashamed I had to take the advise of my Mom but in the end, I now have my own Powdered Eggs.

To start off I will tell you what I was doing wrong,

  1. My first batch never dried and came out just oily clumps of nasty eggs because I used butter in the pan and added all the seasonings.
  2. The second batch turned into little rubber balls because I used the oven to dry them and set it on too low of a temp for way too long.
  3. The third batch never dried even after two days because I was using the wrong kind of Dehydrator. It did not have a fan in it.
  4. The forth batch I went back to using the old 1970's model dehydrator but they never dried all the way because my pieces were too big.
  5. This is the batch Momma told me how to do it and they came out just fine. Here is what I did.   

Without using anything in the nonstick pan, I cooked the scrambled eggs until all visible moisture was gone and then a little more. During the cooking process I chopped the eggs up as small as I could so the heat would cook the moisture out.  

Then I put all the eggs into a food processor and chopped them as small as they would go. This is one of the steps I did not do before.

Right out of the food processor and right on the dehydrator tray they went.

I spread the cooked and finely chopped eggs evenly all over the tray. Eighteen eggs should fill up two trays.

The dehydrator was set on 145 degrees overnight. The end result was crispy burnt orange egg crumbles.

A Christmas gift from years ago finally came to use. It worked fantastic on grinding the eggs into a powder. My mom uses her grain mill and says it works even better.

It looks just like corn mill when it's all said and done. All eighteen eggs did not even fill up a pint sized mason jar.
I will vacuum the jar lids to the jar and label the top with the date. All I can Say is that it is about time I got it. Thanks Mom.
Next is dehydrated hamburger meat.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Egg Cubes To Pass The Time

I figured while the eggs are drying in my 1970's dehydrator at 145 degrees I would pass the time by telling you something else Momma told me she does with eggs. You may already do this but I didn't and thought is was pretty cool so now I am.

I picked up some ice trays at the Dollar store three for a buck and sprayed a little Pam in them.

I took a carton (18) of eggs and cracked them all in a bowl. Using a hand mixer. I blended them all together real good and then poured them into the greased ice trays being careful not to overfill then placed them into the freezer.

A few hours later I took the frozen eggs out of the freezer and placed them in a small amount of water to thaw the bottoms to make it easier to remove. Do not try to twist the trays like you would if it was ice because the egg cubes might shatter and you could end up with a nasty egg cut, just saying.

Being that each cube is .60 of an egg and you get around 30 cubes per 1 1/2 dozen of eggs, I put 9 or 10 egg cubes per vacuumed bag to equal about half a dozen eggs and then stored them in the freezer.

If your meatloaf or whatever you may be cooking calls for eggs then you just take however many cubes you need a couple of nights before and put them in the icebox to thaw. I would not leave them out on the counter to thaw.
They also make great scrambled eggs without loosing any of the scrambled egg qualities like the powdered eggs do.           

Saturday, December 10, 2011

This Should Egg You On

I have been getting several eggmails and personal comments on why I have not done a follow up post on the outcome of the Powdered Eggs.
Here's the deal, I failed at it. I wasted about twenty dozen eggs and got really tired of my house smelling like eggs so when I trashed the last batch of nasty half dried egg crumbles, I hung my egg in defeat.
I was not going to even mention my not so eggtastic eggventure and hoped others would forget about it as well. I just wanted to chalk this one up for eggperience and leave it at that.

Eggmails started coming in asking what came of it all and people I new started egging questions. "I didn't know aggyone was really interested" I thought, so I just egged them on saying I was still working on it.

A couple of weeks ago I was over at my Mom's house and while sitting on the back porch having a cold one with my Dad, my Mom came out and asked the same question, "Hey, you never told me how your eggs turned out"

I hung my head in shame and simply replied, "Momma I can't get them right"

She asked what the problem was and I told her. She then went in the house and brought out a mason jar full of the best looking powdered eggs I have egger seen. With a smirk on her face she said, " Mine turned out great and it was really easy"
Talk about adding insult to injury.

Swallowing my pride I asked her how she did it. About halfway through her eggsplination like a light bulb it hit me and all I could say was, "OOOHHH"

My Dad chipped in about that time and with a laugh said, "I bet having your momma tell you how to do something won't make it on your blog will it" he continued, "Oh, Mr. Big Redneck had to have his momma help him out"

He was right, I never eggtended to let you good yolks know that I egged out on this one, but I just could not pass up the chance to try and see how many times I could add the word egg into another word.

So there you go Dad, eggxactly how it went down.

I am now fixen to do it the way momma told me how and then see how they turn out.    



Here is a howdy to the newest member of the Modern Day Redneck family.
Thank you Lazor for hitting the join button and please feel free to join in on the comments. I always try and respond.
If you need anything my email is in the right sidebar.
Welcome to the family and again, Thank you

Friday, December 9, 2011

This Will Make Your Blood Boil.

I choose the way I live for me and my family to have a deeper understanding of our God, our country, ourselves and our life. I do not do it for you or your society. If you have something to say about it say it me face to face, not the wife or the kids.

My middle daughter, A Junior in High School, came home from school yesterday and told me one of her teachers ridiculed and belittled her in front of her piers for the way I live and this not being the first time he has done it.

One way the teacher grades his students is to have them come up front once a week and put on a presentation on anything the child wants to talk about. Being my children actually love our lifestyle and all the things we do as a family, it is only natural my daughter gives presentations about our farm, projects, animals and our way of life.

Yesterday her topic was about sustainable living and in detail talked about our rain water harvesting and solar bathhouse. The teacher did not even let her finish before bursting out in hysterical laughter. She ask him what was so funny and his response was asking her if we were a bunch of hippies or something. He went on to say how ridiculous that all was and how it was a waste of time.

She tried her best to debate the highly educated man and take up for her family and the choices we made in life but a few more jokes later and trying to get the rest of the class on his side to openly discredit my daughter, she finally just sat down in defeat.
The only thing that kept my daughter from feeling completely humiliated was the class did not take the teachers side. They were saying how cool it was and they wished their family did those things. Some even wanted to come over for a tour.

I am sure you would agree that if we all acted on our first thoughts we would all be sitting in a jail cell someplace. It took every fiber of my being not to show this guy the Redneck side of me. Instead, I cooled down and spent most of the evening drafting an email. I had to be very careful in choosing my words and to make it sound non threatening. Plus writing to a English professor I sure did not want to back up his beliefs that I was an uneducated slob so I reverted back to the days of writing where I used big words and actually made sense.

This is how I started my email;
I should hope this email finds you and yours well. 
I deeply wish this is all a misunderstanding. 
My daughter has informed me you tend to openly
laugh and make fun of the lifestyle my family 
chooses to live. For one, I do not understand why
a respected teacher such as yourself would do such
a thing to demean and belittle a child in front 
of her peers. 
If it is so I have written a short explanation to 
better help you understand what we do so it might 
open your mind to maybe see the way we choose to 
live is not so bad after all and should be embraced 
with kindness and not mockery.
I went on to explain in great detail what sustainable living was all about. I even challenged him to list the most valuable aspects of his own life and to see how we do not differ much from one another after all.  

In my closing remarks I decided to take a nice little jab at his intelligence by writing;

So please, if you fill the need to laugh at,
make fun of or embarrass
my daughter about the way we choose to live,
please call me or meet me in person and I
will try and explain this in a more simpler way
where you might be able to understand it.

All anger and reaction without thinking has ever done was land me in trouble. Believe me when I say this is not how the old MDR would have handled this. I guess age does have it's benefits.   

If you were wondering, the fine teacher has already emailed me back and was very apologetic in this matter. He assured me it will never happen again and deep down he wishes he could live the way we do.
See there, I killed him with kindness and love. Maybe I am a hippie after all. 


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Howdy nur serama farm

Here's a howdy to nur serama farm for becoming the newest person to hit the join button becoming a member of the Modern Day Redneck family. 
Please join in on the conversations whenever you want. Most of us won't bite. 

Please e-mail me because I am looking for a new suppler of hatching Serama eggs, mine are not producing enough to fill the incubator.

Again welcome and make yourself at home.       

Monday, December 5, 2011

House Dad

I was rained out today so I got to play House Dad.
I can get used to this. The kids are at school and the wife is at her holiday job. The house is quiet with only the sounds of the crackling fire and the occasional beeping of the washing machine telling me to get with it.

Early this morning I started a pot of beans and the cornbread will be accompanying them later. I made sugar cookies so the kids can have an after school snack plus I made some fresh bread to have as a snack just because.
I have candles lit to make the house smell like pumpkins, all the laundry has been done, folded and put away. I thought about dirtying up a cup just so I could wash it again but decided not too. The floors have been swept at least a dozen times and the counters have been wiped at least two.

I started a new book called "The Walk" and it seems to be a good one but got bored so I put it down.

The boredom overtook me so I got out all the firearms and re-oiled them. They are all now at rest. I kept a loaded .22 Henry out all day just in case I got a good shot on a passing dog, no luck.

The TV has not been on at all. The only thing on is a couple of oil lamps I have in the hallway so I do not stub my toe on the way to the pantry. Speaking of which, the pantry is reorganized and everything is "faced" in alphabetical order.

It is almost time for everyone to be home so I must do my duties and set the table.
God I hope I work tomorrow.       

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rainy Do Nothing Weekend

There is no way I am complaining about it, but I just wanted to let everyone know it started raining Friday morning and it still is. I caught a quick break in the clouds so the internet is up to do this post, who knows for how long.
Just in case you were wondering where I have been, my satellite internet does not work with just a little over cast.

Here is a quick Howdy and a welcome to Mike, the newest member of the MDR Family. Welcome aboard and please feel free to leave comments. When the internet is up I will respond.
Again, thanks for becoming a member.

I hope all y'all have a great week and please be safe.

Friday, December 2, 2011


I am in a little Predicament.
We have a neighbor across the street and he has two dogs. It seems that when people move to the country they thank they can let their dogs run free. I have asked the guy and his wife several times to keep his dogs put up. He did half heartily build a fence but the dogs just jump right over it.
Every time I have company the dogs run over and playfully want attention from my guests. Every time I set my trash out the said dogs get into it and scatter it down the road. Every day I see the dogs laying in my yard.

I have shot them hundreds of times with the pellet gun but they still come back. My house is situated where I cannot get a clear shot on them with anything with any kind of power to make a point without endangering a nearby neighbor in case of a miss.
I set out antifreeze to bait the dogs for a quick kill but the wife is a bleeding heart and goes into spasms when he somehow learns of the plan. I tried to run them over with the truck in my own front yard only to be chastised from all the girls that I was a bad guy for even trying.
I know it is not the animals fault and they should not be punished for their owners stupidity but something has to be done. I spend a lot of time and money to keep my animals on my property and feel others should do the same.
I cannot start a war with this guy because he has as much fire power as I do and others will be hurt in the fight. Plus it is not worth it just over a couple of dogs.
I work, he does not so that leaves me open for an attack many hours of the day.
There is no more talking with him without the problem escalating to the next level. I am not afraid by no means but being that I am gone most of the day I am concerned for my family if I start something.
This guy is the definition of white trash and there is no telling what he would do in retaliation.              

Here's a Howdy

This Howdy is for Russ-Stick Acres. Thank you for hitting the join button and please feel free to leave comments. I will reply as soon as I can. 
Thank you again and welcome to the MDR family.                                                                                          
Just to let you all know Russ-Stick Acres has a great blog and is a must read. You will fall in love with the pictures. All I can say is wow. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Mini Additions To The Mini Farm

Here are the two newest additions to the Mini Farm.

The one closest is a Jack and his name is Popeye and the other one is a jenny and her name of course is Olive Oyl.
They are Mini Donkeys, it's just fittin.

I did some trading for them. The o'l boy wanted a couple of mini goats and a couple of mini chickens so I said I really didn't think so.
He then talked to the wife without me knowing it and here you go.
He might have gotten the better deal because his feed bill just went down and mine went up. Oh well, you can't win them all.