Monday, August 31, 2020

Almost 2 Years

 Just shy of two years ago was my last post. I think that is the longest I have neglected putting down my life on paper, computer screen in this case. 

Instead of writing a mile long post getting everyone caught up on what all has happen these last two years, let me just summarize a few highlights and start over from scratch with new posts and adventures.

We have four grand daughters now, one more girl and one boy on the way and due January and February making a total of six. My oldest and youngest daughters are moving back close to home where we can all be together again. It will be great! I will have loads of pictures of the babies and how much they have grown.

We bought a little ranch out in West Texas a little over a year ago. We use it primary for family recreation hunting and selling day hunts here and there. It took us a lot of work to get it the way we want and even after a year of blood, sweat and tears it will continue to take up much of our time for years to come. 



 Knocking on the door of fifty years old now we had to slow down a little on the chili cooking and focus on us, our health and our ability to live a little longer so we took up the hobby of hiking and backpacking. This is not only a great way to get and stay in shape, it also gets us away from everyone and everything. I guess I like the commitment the most, let me explain. If I am hiking, lets say a ten mile loop and at mile five I am tired and would really prefer a couch and a cold drink there is no choice but to continue, finish and get back to the truck. On an out and back hike every step you take you have to take one back so at anytime you can turn around and call it good, that's why I like the loops better. 


We just celebrated our 30th anniversary last week. It's hard to think we have been doing this that long. We started young, struggled though and now live for each other. When I am asked from younger married folks what the secret is I always say, "Change it up." I believe being we are never sedentary, always trying new things, adventures and hobbies we stay entertained and our focus is always on ourselves and the next task. I am probably wrong, but who cares if it works for us right?  

  There is so much more, but time is short and work calls. 


For more in depth day to day adventures" In the moment" you can follow us on Instagram at #me_and_her_after_kids 

Hope to see ya there.

Until then,



  1. Welcome Back. Looking forward to the new adventures.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I look forward to at least once a week now.

  2. I'm glad you aren't dead which is what I always assume when a blog I follow goes dark. Welcome back!

    1. I am glad I'm not either. It was more of a time thing and having enough interesting subjects to write about more than anything.

  3. What blessings! So smart to buy that ranch! How wonderful to have grandbabies. 30 yeas is wonderful! May God bless you with many more.

  4. Glad you are happy and healthy. Look forward to more, you always make me smile.