The Bathroom Wall

 Occupy The Bath House Wall Movement
For a small $10.00 donation to help with the operations of the Bath House, you can have your name on the bathroom wall.
What better way to promote yourself or your blog than to have your name on the outside of a Solar Bath House for only $10.00.
All you have to do is hit the little yellow Donate button in the right sidebar of this blog and then send me an email at when your order is complete with what you want it to say.

Here are some that wanted their names to go down in history and have secured a spot on the wall.

Stephen at

Kymber at

Jambaloney at

Phelan at

Matt at

Rob at

Kris at 

Mudbug at

mmasse at

Hossboss at

YeOldFurt at

Sista at
plus she has a website

Bill - No website but a great guy.

Others who have helped through materials, labor and Love
Mrs. Redneck