Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Where To Begin

I know it has been awhile, but my life is anything but normal.
I will update y'all month by month

I left off with the house burning last Thanksgiving. The insurance came through and we were able to pay the house off. The problem was there was nothing left over to rebuild. I could have rebuilt and still have a mortgage or just pay the place off and get it out of my name. The clean up would have cost more than the land was worth so there was no way to recoup that cost.  I decided to wash my hands of it and just sign it back over to the mortgage holder and let them pay for the clean up. It is no longer my problem.

Christmas was great. Not much of anything happen. We did a lot of fishing and hunting throughout the month. We had a couple of deer blinds and hog traps set out over winter. 


I bit the bullet and bought a boat.
It took me several years to find the right one and I am glad I did.


I don't get to use it as much as I fantasized about the day I brought it home.
It seems every weekend I work the weather is perfect for boating and the weekends I don't work the wind and rain just won't let me go out.

As you can see here it was January and cold, but I was not going to let that stand in the way of a good time. 

We did a lot of fishing and hunting this month and even added in a few chili cook offs.

A lot happen this month. What little winter we had was over so it was time to get to work.
I was in desperate need for a little shed to store some junk and get it out of my dad's barn so I built one. 

  My company had their winter retreat in Hawaii and we got to go.  
I finally got to cross off deep sea fishing from my bucket list.
The islands are really not my thing, but I was not about to turn down a free once in a life time trip.  Either way it was amazing. I got to do a bunch and see a lot of things I thought I would never do.

I wouldn't mind going back, but I would not stay at Waikiki if it was on my dime.  

Not really much. We fished a bunch, worked too much and slept even less. March wore me out.

My brother made me a deal I could not refuse on his hot tub so I built a little deck and wind screen walls out back of the house for it to sit.
Now I can sit out back and watch the sun set or during dove season sit in my hot tub while hunting.

Now that I have a hot tube, why not just make it a spa area. I found this sauna an ol boy really wanted to get rid of very cheap so I got it.
Now, I sweat enough at work and working around here, but there is something about that infrared heat that just makes you feel good and soothes those tied muscles.  All that fishing takes a toll on your body.
I am a firm believer in saunas now.

Two weeks ago I took all my girls including both grand babies to Texas Ladies State Chili Cook Off down in Seguin. It was the first time all three of my girls and the wife all cooked together. It was really cool to spend the weekend with them all, but it was a long way to haul the camper.

Storms, storms and more storms
We had a section of the barn roof blow off and last weekend we finally got that repaired. It seems every week another severe storm comes through. Even though it was Easter weekend and the wind was too high to take the boat out, we got a lot accomplished around the farm.

I am sure I have left out several things and many details but those can be something else to post about later.

One thing I can say about all my projects is I have a great support group. My dad, my nephew and my good buddy Kris are always willing to lend a hand. Most of the stuff I do takes two or three people and if it weren't for these guys I could not get it done and just go fishing.

See ya next time,