Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving two weeks ago. It was a roller coaster here. Let me explain.

  Wednesday night, day before Thanksgiving, around 11:00PM I awoke to my wife saying the house was on fire and we needed to go.
Okay first thought, if someone tell you the house is on fire you automatically assume, the house was on fire.
My cousin was living at the Mini Farm and as it turned out, it was on fire. So we spent the rest of the night until morning watching the Mini Farm burn. The fire started in the garage of the house just to the South and spread to my house. We live so far away from county services they could not get there in time to keep it from spreading.  
All that work, all that time wasted and all the memories, all gone now.
This picture is of what is left of the Bath House.

My cousin is displaced and staying in a hotel until the insurance figures out what they are going to do. It is a total loss so now we just have to go through the steps and wait on them.
So that's what Thanksgiving is about right? Giving thanks that no one was hurt, that all the animals are safe and the sun still came up that morning.  A major inconvenience more than anything.

There was nothing else any of us could do so we just went on with the weekend as planned.
Thanksgiving dinner was amazing as always. The family gathered and we all did what we would have normally would.

Friday I even took my oldest grand baby fishing with her new pole.  
She caught her first fish and when we dragged it up out of the water, she didn't want anything to do with it. As you can tell she didn't even want to take a picture with it.
As the day progressed and more fish were caught she warmed up to the idea and actually started petting them before we threw them back saying, "bye, bye fishy."

So here we sit, two weeks later and still waiting in the insurance. I sure am glad I am not in a tent somewhere.

See ya,