Thursday, September 17, 2020


 I need to work on the progression of my enthusiasm during hunting season.

I know in my last post I talked about how we look forward all year to the start of hunting season. Once it starts it's balls to the wall, that's all we do, all we think about, all we live for. But, there's always a but, after the initial rush it seems to start going down hill from there.

I thinks it's my OCD, or in my mind it's CDO because the letters need to be in order, and once the rush is over it's now time to start looking at the next season opener. In this case Archery Deer Season is just around the corner.


 So I made up some pictures showing the digression of my enthusiasm, if I like it or not, during dove season. It seems to be that way with everything. I guarantee even though I am excited about bow season starting in two weeks I will hit it hard, camo and all, for a week or two. Then is off to the next pretty butterfly.     



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