Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weekend Rumbles

First off I wanted to say thank you to Sandy over at Oklahomatransient for pulling my name out of a hat and sending me a great wilderness survival book and another little something just because. I don't win things very often and this put a smile on my face for a while.
As always, when I get sent something from another blogger or a reader, I always send something special back. Sandy, it's hot in my shop so you may have to wait until it cools off a little before I can get out there and make you something, but it will get done. I will email you when it's on the way.

I am off work Monday but the temps for the three day weekend are going to be above 100. That will make chili cooking right at nasty. I almost don't want to do it just because of the heat.
That means packing fans and extra water, more ice and more coolers.
The one good thing about it all is that I need a bigger inverter to run the big fans other than the one I have. The little 200w in the truck will only run small things so I need a 700w to run the fans and spice grinder. I also have a small fish pond pump and I could hook up some misters if need be.
The turn in time for the chili is at 12:30 so at least we won't be out there in the extreme heat cooking.
I will be taking my laptop for the two day event and will post pictures if anyone is interested. I know most are not and that's okay, it's not for everyone.

So there you have it, no homesteading ideas, no finished projects, no survival training or anything of the sorts. Just me and chili. It will be that way for awhile.

See ya Saturday,


  1. Replies
    1. Sharon it's too hot for chili but I guess this weekend will be the exception.

  2. Sounds like me lately. You just can't do homesteading or self sufficiency all the time. I'll be stopping by to take a look at your pictures when you post them.

    1. Well thank you Becky. I will post some Saturday night.

  3. If I can find the recipe, I plan on making white bean chicken chili soon. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure.

    1. Thanks DFW,
      That sounds good but if you were in Texas that would not be called chili. I would like some though.

  4. Good luck! I'd like to see your posted pictures from the event!

  5. When I read your blog title "WEEKEND RUMBLES" I thought: "Oh no! He's been pre-eating his chili!"

    Good Luck young man, and may your 'post chili contest' never contain "rumbles" and lots of blue ribbons.

    1. LOL, I actually did laugh out loud just now.
      Thanks LJ, I needed that.

  6. MDR,

    Congratulations again, see you do win things!!!
    Thank you for the sweet shout out. I hope you know it's not necessary to send me anything because you won the give-away.

    It's going to be an extremely hot one this weekend in TX and OK. Do you have a canopy or tent you can use to get out of the direct sun when doing the Chili Cook Off?

    If we didn't have a prior commitment, my husband and I would come down there supporting you.

    Remember to kick butt and take names my friend!!! Good luck :-)

    1. Thanks Sandy,
      Yup, we are set up. If I didn't have shade then I wouldn't be doing it, that's for sure.

      If your commitment falls through, come on down.

      If you wouldn't have sent that extra something in the box then I would not feel obligated to send you back something. Never mind,I would have done it anyway.

  7. I'm new to your blog. Maybe I stumbled across it from a Facebook post by Mrs. Harris, or the likes. I can say that I enjoy it though. I like to cook BBQ comps and homestead. I look forward to hearing about your weekend. It'll beat mine...I have to stand watch (Navy). Thanks for taking the time to update as often as you do. You bloggin' folks are invaluable! Lots of great ideas and entertainment! Good Luck, Friend!

    1. It's good to have you my new friend.

      Let me know to thank Mrs. Harris.

      If you like those things then you came to the right place.

      It may beat your weekend, but yours is more important. Thank you for your service.

      Thank you and I will let you know how it turns out.

  8. by all means do the misters and put a small fan behind them that will help col the air even more have a great and safe time