Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Four Day Weekend

Tomorrow starts my four day weekend and I still have not yet planned out every detail but I think I am going to try and squeeze in a round of golf if I get the chance. 

First off I want to show a picture of a couple of the new babies. I took pictures of several of the hens and chicks but they were moving so much they are a big blur. This was the only one I could use. Plus, a lot of pictures of the same thing, like baby chicks, does get boring. 
We still have more in the house hatching out plus some turkey eggs.

 I also wanted to show a picture of the Hydroponics Tomatoes. This is a little over a month of growth. You can scroll back to the old post I did and see the tiny little plants I started in this. I never would have thought they would be this big so fast.
Two problems I came across, one being they are too close together. All four plants have grown into one giant bush. The next time I will space them out a little better and secure them to grow more upright.
Second, they are using about five gallons of water a day. Yes I do have a drip or two here and there but the plants themselves are using a huge amount of water and my water tank could have been a little bigger. Every other night I add ten gallons of nutrient filled water to the tank.
These are grown outside instead of in a greenhouse and the water temp is a little higher than it should be. To help that next year I will either insulated the tank or bury it.

I was surfing around on line and came across a great website full of information on hydroponics if you are interested in learning about this way of growing. Next year I plan to do more tomatoes and some peppers plus build a horizontal teared system for the strawberries.
If you are interested in learning more about this check them out.

Guide to hydroponic gardening

Other than that, have a great 4th,


  1. MDR,

    Happy 4th of July to you and yours :-)

    I truly hope you get the opportunity to get out and golf on your 4 day weekend.

    This hydroponic site is one I will down load for future use, thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Thanks Sandy,
      I hope you get some good info from it.

  2. Looking good! You might also check out mhpgardener on YouTube.

    1. Thanks LadyH,
      I am already a subscriber to his channel. He has a lot of good info.

  3. Obviously your tomatoes don't mind the extra warmth. They look fantastic.
    I have a big learning curve too, regarding plants and spacing.
    And still I have too many weeds...
    Maybe this is a way around it.
    Thanks for sharing your post with us.
    Hope you all have a safe and wonderful fourth!

    1. Thanks LindaG, I always space mine too close just because I am afraid of loosing one and then there would be a gap.
      There are not any weeds in the Hydroponics system, that's for sure.
      So far so good on the long weekend.
      Same to you.

  4. I have been reading your blog for some time and I like what i read. Have you though of trying agriponics, using fish and their wastes to help grow plants, instead of using chemicals.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Anony.
      Yes, next growing season I plan to have two more systems. One being a horizontal tiered strawberry system and one for more peppers and tomatoes that be using fish.
      The chemicals I am using now is a organic nutrient so I am not as worried about what is in it. Next year I will also be experimenting on make my own from compost and worm teas.
      Thanks for the comment.

  5. Fabulous infographic about hydroponic gardening. Not anything we've ever done here, but watching your experience is helpful. :)Thanks for posting, and hope your 4 day weekend is fun!

    1. Thanks Amy,
      Even though this is my first actual experience with it, I have been studying it for some time now.
      If you have any questions please ask.

  6. MDR,

    What type of medium are you using in the hydroponics?

    1. Izzy I am using Perlite. I think it works better and is cheaper than the clay balls.