Monday, July 15, 2013

Quick Projects

Even though I said this weekend was going to be hot and boring I was only half right, It was hot.
I don't know who I was kidding thinking it was going to be boring. The only thing I did that was not productive was watch a Hillbilly Blood marathon Saturday during the heat of the day. Sadly, I will never get that part of my life back.

I got the clothes line moved. That was my biggest project of the weekend because it consisted of hand digging holes, a little concrete, some welding and building a complete new system that is bigger and better than the one before. I now have over 80 feet of clothes line to use.
Don't try this at home. Welding in shorts and tennis shoes should not be done, just saying. Nothing happen and I didn't get burnt but I could have.

The wife decorated the new solar clothes dryer a little by putting a nice little cabinet to hold the laundry basket and whatever else. This little cabinet was my grandmothers and we had it for a while and then it went to someone else who gave it to another person. Twenty two years later it found it's way back to us somehow and it was in bad shape. The wife refurbished it by painting and water sealing then she finished it off with a nice piece of granite for the top.
I think it turned out great and it looks good right where it's at.

 The oldest girl jumped in and did a project of her own.
I found this old, broke down bench a couple of years ago and I don't know why I kept it. Being the girl has her first house this year when she goes back to college she has been refurbishing and reusing junk laying around here. She has made some really nice furniture pieces out of this stuff.
She took a piece of junk and made a really nice Texas A&M garden bench for her new house.
I think she did a wonderful job.

The wife and the youngest girl will be busy all day making Sweet Relish. We have tubs and tubs of cucumbers that need to put by and being it is a rainy kind of day, it couldn't be a better time.

It started raining early Sunday morning and is still at it, we sure needed it.
Until the next time,


  1. I absolutely love that cabinet! And tell the oldest that she is very talented, that bench looks great. Wonder where she gets it from?

    Can you please share the sweet relish recipe?

    1. Thanks DFW,
      It is such a thrill for us all to be out and working on our own little projects. The wife doing hers, the girls doing theirs and me running back and forth getting them things and lending a hand all the while trying to finish mine.

      I will have the wife write the recipe down. I hope she gets some pictures for me.

  2. I'll admit when I saw you welding in shorts I cringed a tad. Mars was building a BBQ pit on a trailer for a buddy of his. The guy came over one day in shorts and flip flops and wanted to help. He grabbed the cutting torch (Mars warned him against it a few times) but he just HAD to help. It didn't take 5 minutes for things to go bad. The friend had slag drip down and hit him right between his big toe and the next one. Stupid, yes? Cost him a couple of weeks of being out of work cause he couldn't wear a shoe on that foot.
    LOL Sorry for going on and on. That bench is AWESOME! She did a wonderful job. And I'll check back for that recipe too.
    Have yourself a great day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sci,
      I know it was dumb but I didnt want to go in the house to change for just one weld. It turned oht good this time.

  3. dimitri fernandoJuly 17, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    im in sri lanka. pls share your recipe for sweet relish