Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bachelor For A Day

Starting tomorrow and then for the next couple of days I will be a bachelor again. So much to do, so little time.

The Wife and the youngest girl "Wee" is moving the Oldest girl and all her stuff back to college. Her house move in date is tomorrow plus she needs to get a few more loose ends tied up before classes start at the end of August. She will be back, but only for three more weeks then it will be quiet again and not as much fun. I only have two more years of here being so far away.
The wife also has to stop by an pick up a nice stainless steel counter top and sink from some folks we visited the last time we were down that way. I had all intentions to go, but there is no way I can leave work this time. My helper/friend here at work was killed a couple of weeks ago in a motorcycle accident and I have had a hard time getting someone to take his place. Plus, someone has to stay and keep everything alive here at the Mini Farm.

So what do I have planned you ask? I will be free to do anything I want, the choices are endless.
Being I have been putting in twelve hour days at work, I'm probably just going to come home and take care of the animals, shower and get to bed early, exciting hu?
I don't know, I may put on CMT and play the air guitar a little.



  1. oh buddy - i just went 5 days without jam and nearly lost my mind! so i promise to check in daily and make sure that you are occupied and well taken care of. you got the email and the phone number if you need it. i am here buddy. plus we got all of them plans to make for next august eh? bahahahahah! it is going to be such a hoot! i'm here, buddy...i'm here!

    your friend,

    1. Thanks for the comment Kymber. The wife will only be gone 1/5th of the time Jam was. I will have one evening of silence. I probably wont even turn on the TV.
      I think it's your turn for an email, mine was sent last week.
      We are also getting passports at the end of the month. We only have 12 more months to go.

      Take care

  2. MDR - Sounds like a lot is going on --- it stinks when you want to do five things at once; sometimes we have to sacrifice. :-) I know you're a home-body and can relate. I feel the same way and it is indeed DIFFICULT to get away from responsibilities. Your daughters will know this as well, one day.

    Hang in there, the silence will be deafening!


  3. That is how my days off turn out. I am so excited that I will have time to do things and then the weekend comes and I am just so tired that hardly anything gets done.Enjoy your quite time though. Everyone needs some now and then.