Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stuffed Zucchini

As promised I am posting my stuffed Zucchini recipe.

I usually don't do food posts, but I was asked to post a couple on Zucchini. The next one will be Zucchini Spaghetti.
I never have any measurements of ingredients or cooking times. It's always just about that long and use about that much. This one is easy so you don't need all that formal and fancy stuff anyway.

Cut the thing in half and scrape out the innards. I guess you could peal it if you want to, but I don't.
Then put the halves in the oven and cook until they are soft, but still hold its shape.
Meanwhile, cook up some hamburger meat, sausage and whatever else kind of meat you like. You can even put taco seasoning in the meat or just leave it plane.
Drain and stir in some Mozzarella cheese until melted.  
Fill the Zucchini boats with the meat mixture and sprinkle more cheese on top, then put back in the oven to melt it all together.
After you are satisfied it's done to your liking take it out and top with heated spaghetti sauce and Parmesan cheese then serve. You can figure out how to eat it. I cut some of mine up in small bites until I get tired of playing with it and just pick it up and eat it like a taco.
I guess you could call this Zucchini Pizza and even Zucchini meat loaf. It doesn't really matter what you call it, it's still good.  
Enjoy, I know I did.

Before I go I wanted to say howdy and thank you to Crystal and Leigh for joining the Modern Day
Redneck family.
If y'all need anything please let me know.



  1. yummeh! sounds deelish! i always mean to make stuffed zucchini, but i love slicing it into roundelles and then frying them up in butter so i never have actually stuffed them. this post is reminding to do so. thanks for the recipe!

    your friend,

    1. Good luck with it Kymber, I did forget to mention about the butter.