Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Small Projects

With the technical issues hopefully behind me now, I can continue.
The little tablet I got a couple of days ago was not doing it for me so I ended up trading it for the wife's laptop. I couldn't get the thing to upload pictures right. Plus, it was just too small and it is an android base and not windows so I couldn't so my spreadsheets right. She was wanting one of those anyway and I was needing a new laptop so everyone is happy, happy, happy.

The wife finished another one of her little projects the other day. She took some of the free granite we have been getting and used the little sample squares by attaching them to our kitchen island making a mosaic look.
It added color to the kitchen and I really like it. She did a great job. 

I finally got the birthing boxes done for the rabbits in the rabbit tractor. I plan to breed three at a time and I'm hoping they will use these side by side boxes to birth in. This is the first time I have colony raised rabbits so we will see.
All the other times we had isolation pens for them to have their babies in and then raised them like that. Some say this will work and others say it won't, I guess we will find out.
I won't put these boxes in the tractor until about a week before they are due. Any sooner they will use it as a toilet and it will get nasty.

Other than that, I have another outdoor country wedding to put on this Sunday. This might turn into another small income stream. Hu, go figure, I never really thought about it that way.


  1. MDR,

    Your wife did a great job on the island in the kitchen. I love all the colors of granite.

    The rabbit birthing hutches look wonderful, I hope the rabbits use them.

  2. Yeah I like the island too.Ingenuity is good.

    1. And it's all free Stevie,
      thanks for stopping by.

  3. yep, i agree with everyone above - the kitchen island tile looks fantastic! tell Mrs. MDR that she did a great job.

    as for putting on another wedding - can you do a post about how you got officiated and what religion you are? i think everyone would enjoy learning more about that. and yes, it is a definite new income stream. we'll have to fly you and the Mrs. up next year to marry us!

    your friend,

    1. Thanks Kymber, I will tell her you said that.

      As far as a post about my religion, I usually don't talk much about it except I am a believer. If I did one about my beliefs then it would probably scare most of you. I am not the typical Sunday School Preacher. Good idea and I might just do that.

      It would be an honor to come up and do that for y'all. If you are for real, I can start planning it now.

    2. buddy - we are both in the planning stages. give the Mrs. a big kiss from both of us. i sent you an email. how would next august work for you guys?

      lots of love. xoxoxo

  4. I love the island. I have an old table I don't know what to do with. I also have some old tile. I might have to combine the 2....

    1. Thanks April,
      She just used some construction adhesive and glued them on.
      Good luck with yours.

  5. I love the island! what a cute way to dress it up. Glad your techno problems got solved. I use my 17 y.o. to take care of mine for me :) I admit, I just don't have patience for it.

    1. Thanks J&M
      I usually have mine do the same but I didn't have the time to listen to them tell me how old I was.