Friday, April 12, 2013


I have this one goose that has tried to set her eggs for a couple of years. The end result has always ended in disappointment for us and her because they have not been fertile. After the allotted time to hatch we would gather the eggs, candle them, then discard. This time when we went out to gather her eggs we found five new surprises.     

The now four year old pair has taken to parenthood like they were made for it. We cannot get within 30 feet of them before we are attacked.
I am happy because in a few months that in about $150 beautiful little yellow dollars that I did not have to do anything to make.     

This week has been good minus the rain. We had a great visit from some family all the way from Tennessee Wednesday, I sold a truck and got rid of a load of junk I was keeping for some reason or another. I had a friend come over last night and I started loading him up with stuff I probably should have kept, but I am tired of looking at it. I am sure his wife won't like me any better now.

This weekend consists of fishing, fishing and maybe some more fishing. Sometime in there I will try and do some more work on the giant bird hotel, but that all depends on how good the fishing is.

I will talk to y'all on Monday,


  1. What a nice surprise baby geese :-)!!!!

    You've been one busy beaver this week, have a great weekend.

  2. Soooo Cute!!!!! Have fun fishing!!!!!!

  3. Congrats! Goslings really are my favorite barnyard babies. They're like feathery little puppies. :)

  4. They are too cute! Have fun fishing this weekend.

  5. Congrats to the new babies - always nice to see a successful hatch. :)

  6. Oh how lovely. Wish your geese were friendlier though. My Sebastopols just had 15! Can you believe that? They have been the greatest parents and they don't seem to mind that I am "helping" out. My last two blogs are about them.

    1. Thanks Sista, I have read and commented on your posts about the geese.
      This pare is very friendly, but I guess now that they are parents for the first time they decided to get protective. Maybe with the next hatch they will be more accepting.

  7. Congratulations on the new little miracles! How exciting!!!!