Friday, April 5, 2013

Fixen To Get My Weekend On

In just a few hours I will be be free, for two days that is, but I will still be free.
This morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm and could not figure out why I set the alarm for Saturday. Then, slowly I realized it was only Friday and I had to get up and get to work.

The weekend schedule is set. The oldest girl is coming up today just to go fishing with me and that makes me excited. Maybe I am doing something right. The other two and the wife will be with me as well. "Making memories" is what the girls say. I plan to make a dent in the sand bass population both Saturday and Sunday. If we can catch enough, I will have me a  little cook out Sunday evening. Plus, I think the middle girl is bringing along a new suitor. We will see how that works out.  After the last ordeal and the court saying I cannot come within 500 foot of a certain person, maybe this one will be a little different.

After the fish stop biting I plan to finally get some work done on the Big Bird Hotel I am building the wife. The weather is suppose to be in the high 70's all weekend so I have to take advantage of it when I can.

If you are wondering, two days ago I had a follow up visit with the doctor and she says my ticker is ticking the way it should and my blood pressure is right where it needs to be. That in it's self is a huge stress reliever.

Sometime Saturday I promised the youngest I would take her to practice parallel parking so she can get her license next week. So much for the blood pressure and stress being under control, right? I taught the other two without too much trouble, we will see how this one will go.

I had to show this picture the wife took last night. This is how rednecks travel. Just to make it clear, the pink ones are the wife's carry on. Mine is the smallest in the front and the other two big ones are all hers. Why you ask, because I don't require the whole house when I go somewhere. This is the first set of luggage I have ever bought. Normally I use trash bags to haul around my clothes, but being we will be going some place a little higher class than camping, I told the wife we needed something nice and this is what she brought home. Man, did I get lucky or what? I think I will keep her.
We leave at the end of the month. 


That's all I got for now. I hope my next post will be full of fun, fish and food.
See ya on the flip side,


  1. Enjoy the fishing. I d like you to commend you on restraint if you only have no contact order w ex boyfriend. I used a belt w conchas attached to stress my point w my sons persistant ex. Just on her rearend but she got the message. Younguns and lessons learned.

    1. Thanks for the comment Lisa. I don't know if there is such a bad thing as a bad day fishing.

  2. MDR,

    Talk about fun, I love fishing. I hope you and the family have a wonderful time this weekend making memories and of course coming back with all kinds of fish.
    Next weekend hubby, and I are doing the same thing. I love being out with mother nature and my special man.

    Great news about your heart and blood pressure, as we get older we all have to keep an eye on those two things. I don't even want to think about all the other things we need to keep an eye on.

    Count down until the weekend begins.

    1. Thanks Sandy,
      We hit it the creek hard from about now till it gets too hot. Good luck with yours.
      I am just on the bring of being old enough to worry about it. at 41 I still think I am "almost" bullet proof.

    2. You're a young 'un!!! Even in our early 50's we still were bullet proof, lol.

      Have a Blessed Day.

    3. Sandy, I did a post about this some time back about no matter how old I get, I will always be a young'un to some.