Monday, April 15, 2013

Ohhh My Knees

Yea I'm gunna whine a little about my pains.

Saturdays fishing was not as bountiful as I would have hoped. The cold front last week dropped the temps back down into the thirties and that didn't help the cause any. Maybe the heat being up in the lower nineties this week will bring them back in. I ended up getting skunked with the youngest girl out fishing me and bragging about it the whole time. Redemption is mine this next weekend.

The middle girl, Bop, turned 18 this weekend. She chose to spend her birthday down with her older sister at A&M acting like a college kid. I didn't have to bail anyone out of jail so I guess the weekend went good.

Saturday and Sunday I half heartily worked on the big bird hotel taking it slow and easy. Here is where I am going to whine a little.
The thing has eight sides. I went around it six times putting on boards. That is forty eight boards. To install each board I have to climb the ladder five times. That is 240 times my big butt went up and down the ladder. That is why my knees hurt.  
When I couldn't reach anymore I told the youngest girl, Wee, to get up there and I would stay on the ground and be the cut man. I call this girl "Super Chick" because she can do everything from out fishing her daddy to building her momma's bird house all in one weekend.
I am close to being done with it. A couple of more hours and it should be ready for birds.     

And that's how my weekend went. Nothing special, nothing mind bending, just enjoying the outdoors, family and living.

Y'all have a good week,


  1. MDR,
    Grab yourself something good to drink, put your legs up for a while, place some ice on your knees for 15-20 minutes a couple of times a day, along with aleve, or naproxen (sp?) to help with any inflammation, and relax for a while my friend.

    So sorry to hear the weather was not warm enough for fishing. It was to windy up here, were didn't get to go fishing :-(

    The big bird house is looking really nice. It's a real good thing to have teenage kids to help the adults out from time to time.

    1. Thanks Sandy, Sorry you didn't get to go. There are plenty of weekends to get out there.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend, minus the achy bones!
    Your lucky your wee daughter is soo handy and likes to spend time with her dad. Happy Birthday to your other daughter too ☺
    The aviary is looking great, can't wait to see it filled with birds!

    1. Thanks Kelly, We plan to fill it as soon as we get back from our trip.

  3. Just found your blog. Love it. Nice bird house!

    1. Thanks betsy, glad to have ya. If you need anything my email is on the right side of the blog.