Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's a Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood

Everyone remembers Mr. Rogers right?
The goofy little song you are now singing in your head that he sang when he walked in and changed his sweater and then sat down and changed from his tennis shoes into his slippers, or something like that.
Anyway, that is just I feel like now days, little happy Mr. Redneck.

As soon I get home from my job, I come in, sit down and change from my work boots into my backyard pair of work boots. Then get up, walk right out the back door and go to work again without even saying a thing. What a lovely day in the neighborhood. I ain't complaining, I actually like it.

This time change stuff will make it where you can work yourself to death if you ain't careful. Last night I didn't get done until a little after ten. I grabbed up the wife, mom and dad and we headed to the goat sell. I don't know why I do it but every time I go I say I will never go again. We only were able to pick up two little ones and one of those was a mistake that I really didn't want. I guess it will eat good.

Tonight I finished the shade for the three raised beds so this is what it looks like. The East end will stay open for the morning sun and the Noon to West sun will be shaded. Lets just hope it works.
Maybe next year I can work on shade for the other beds. Right now I plan to plant only Okra, Corn, Squash, Watermelon and a couple of other things in full sun.    
I also finished the strawberry bed for the wife by using a huge tractor tire with the side wall cut out. I have it shaded from the West sun as well. By the way, did you know chickens love fresh tinder strawberries. I haven't seen the wife move that fast in a while when she saw the chickens helping themselves to her fresh planted strawberry plants.

Oh, that's not all. The wife said since I still had some daylight left I needed to build her another herb garden, just this time it needs to be closer to the back door so she could call it her kitchen garden. I took some old scrap wood and a barrel and did just that. The finished product will be done tomorrow I guess. The frame will be skirted in fence pickets to make it go with our decor. If you want a picture of it when I get done I guess I could post one if there is any interest.

That's all I got for now, I am done for the day. Thank goodness for dark and no I am not pulling out the lights....... Goodnight


  1. Looks fabulous! Love the idea of the barrel cut in half:)

  2. I like the idea of the shaded raised beds. We have gone to the raised beds this year, more as a means to try and control the weeds. This place was a massive weed patch when we moved in 2 years ago. I am think on covers also. More from protection from the hail.

  3. Thanks Gorges

    The problem is Stephanie is now she wants more.

    Same here John. The raised beds helped so much with the weed control and yes, we did loose some pepper plants last year to Hail. Maybe this time around at least the tomato plants will survive.

  4. Hey MDR your mention of Mr. Rogers reminded me of something. Do you know his history? I mean before his Mr Rogers gig. Pretty interesting stuff. Check it out. If you don't already know you will be surprised. Don

  5. looking good on the cover!

    I sure like the half barrel planter. Good idea, especially close to the kitchen!

  6. Nice work, my friend. You're a very talented man...

  7. Don - It depends on what you believe about him. I would like to think he was a sniper but even without that his life was amazing.

    Thanks HJ, It was just something I came up with.

    Stephen - Oh, I'm just trying to keep the wife happy but thank you.

  8. got a question for you....what is the best way to cut off the side walls of a tire? i am hardening off some of my veggie plants and hope to get started planting this weekend. i will be using old tires this year as planters and could plant alot more stuff without the sidewalls. if i cannot get that done then i guess i will just stuff old bottles up inside the tire rims so i wont be wasting any of my good dirt.

  9. Anony - I use a sawzall with a fine tooth metal blade and it cuts through them like butter and you don't even need to drill a hole. You can also use a jigsaw but you do have to drill a hole and it takes longer. I have also used a skillsaw but the cut is not to good and the blade is ruined afterward.
    If you can't get it done then you need to drill holes in the side wall for water drainage and stuff them full of straw, but I guess bottles would work as a filler.
    Thanks for the question.

  10. Love all of it, especially the barrell herb garden. Can't wait to see final pics.

  11. DFW - I just posted the final look. Thanks for the comment

  12. dear friend...i need pics and instructions with diagrams for everything in order to make it easier on jambaloney who i dearly love! help a girl out will you???

    poor jambaloney. and it's all your fault. you should feel bad. like really bad.

    bahahahahahah! your friend,

    (have you noticed that he has stopped commenting on your posts. do you wonder why?)

  13. Kymber - You know the only reason I do it is to make him work harder.
    I will do my best on the description in the next post.

    Jam - If you did not live over a thousand miles away I would bring one to you.
    A man of your talents could build this in just under an hour.

  14. Forget the picture! I want the actual planter!!!! lol

  15. SFG - I don't blame ya. Thanks for the comment.