Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is It Done Yet

I know, nobody asked to see the finished Kitchen Herb Garden Bed so I decided to show it anyhow.

To see the before picture look at yesterdays post.

Not bad for a hour and a half of work, a 55 gallon barrel and some old lumber laying around. Plus the wife is happy and that is really all that matters.

I am sure I could have done a little better job if I had the want too, but it'l do.

Now on to the next item of business.


  1. you really don't like jambaloney, do you? and i thought that you were his friend???

    your friend,

  2. dude..

    got enuff to do with the snow and all pal...NO MORE FINISHED GARDEN POSTS!

  3. Kymber - You wait, he will make one ten times better.

    Jam - Okay, I am done for now. Oh no, wait, I have a few more coming sorry. I am fixen to start my solar laundry room.

  4. Love it. I can picture it full of herbs ready for picking!


  5. Lana - Sooner than later. The wife is in town now picking out herbs. She said she does not want to wait on seeds, it's to late. She wants instant results.

  6. I wanted this picture. Just figured by the time I made a comment you would have one posted. So thanks.

  7. sista - Like I always say, if you are waiting on me your backing up.

  8. i think your herb garden planter is fantastic..and i love that you used what was on hand to build it. i got my old tires painted white yesterday and will be getting them filled with a garden anyday now. been out junking around looking for a bike and have had no luck..ended up buying a new one and a i can visit neighboring farms without cranking up the car and burning up precious gas.

  9. Anony - Good luck on the tires. Are you getting a little cart you can pull behind the bike?

    Stephanie - Thank you very much

  10. no cart for the bike but it does have a goodsized removable basket (with handle). thank you for the info on cutting walls off of tires...gonna go ahead and just stuff them with straw and old plastic soda bottles this year since i already have the tires painted, and in place where i want them. have ended up so far with two small contained gardens..dirt goes in them tomorrow afternoon and a few plants and seed.

  11. Did you drill drainage holes in the bottom and/or sides?

  12. SFG - Thank you

    Anony - You bet, good luck with it all.

    DFW - Yes, you know how barrels are a little wider in the middle? If you lay them down then you have a lower spot where you know the water will set so I drilled holes in that spot to drain the water. The back of the bed is open so I can reach under it and service the holes if they get stopped up without digging all the dirt out. Purdy smart hu?