Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Head Down And Focused

This week has had it's ups and downs already and it it only Wednesday.

The wife got a little part time job over Christmas to help out and it was suppose to only last till January but she did them such a good job they decided to kept her. She went from 15 hours a week to 40.
I am not one to keep the woman down, but with her working that much put a damper on the Mini Farm. Here, she is the the Mini Farm and without her there is no such thing.
I let her figure it out on her own so I would not be the bad guy again and four months later she did. Today she is back to being a full time farm girl again and has already booked some booths to sell her famous Hot Sauce.  

Things are moving at a good pace. We have a bunch of chickens for sell right now and people coming by daily. The incubators are pumping out chicks right and left and an order of new chicks of a different breed will be here next week. I am going to try out the breed Delaware and see how they sell around here.
Wee has bred all her rabbits in hopes of good litters and all the goats should kid Thursday night.
This weekend we will be getting the material for the garden shades because we do not want another disaster like last year.  

Wee (the youngest) decided to finish up the North side of the Bath House wall tonight and I think she did a outstanding job. Now everyday when I walk out the back door I am reminded of just what I stand for.  
Plus where she is sitting is where the garlic garden is and now that the wall is finished I can expand it and plant more.

I got a wild hair and finished the Pump and Solar housing box for the rain water harvest system. It is chambered and sealed where no water will get into the electrical side if a leak accrues. The solar cell will be fitted to the top of the lid and all the electrical components will be underneath.

The little brown dog is named Jethro and he has a sister named Elly. Get it, the Beverly Hillbilly's?
The little white dog in the back is Bella.
Yea, I am a sucker for lap dogs.

I even got the mower out tonight and started getting it ready. I will need a new battery and some regular maintenance stuff before she is ready but I think we are good to go.

That is all I got for now. Pretty slow I guess. Maybe things will pick up some and we can get busy.      


  1. Holy cow! You are running circles around me!
    Wish I had half your energy :)


  2. You make me look like someone that sits around eating bon bons all day.

  3. Awww Thanks babe for the kind words... Love ya
    MRS. MDR

  4. I knew I liked your wife! Lol. Great minds think a like.

  5. Rob - From what I want to be doing it is.

    Red - That is the same thing the wife says but most of it comes from knowing it will take more energy later than sooner so I might as well get it done.

    sista - Bon Bons are not bad, just take them with you when you work.

    Mrs. MDR - It's the truth.

    SFG - Last year she did a great job but the summer heat and equipment breakdowns made it where she needed to work to have a Christmas.
    We are back on track now and moving forward.

    John - Thank you, you are the first to mention it. I thought it was a great idea for a blank wall.

  6. I'm digging the bath house wall! That's awesome! My dad had an old print of that image hanging in his office when I was a kid. Always reminds me of him. :) Love it!

  7. Thanks Rae. I thought to just staple the flag on it but decided it would look better to paint it. The snake is cut out and screwed on though.

  8. cool wall sign- love it and might copy it on the back of my potting shed. gonna put a painted quilt block on the front...know what ya mean about staying busy..i got my tractor battery charged up good, and did some basic maintenance that has to been done this time every all my old tires lined up into two gardening plots, got my seed started, so on and so forth. gotta paint the old tires and do so raking of pine straw this weekend and finish up on a few things. it makes me feel great to have a full day of stuff finished and checked off the list.

  9. Anony - Thanks for the comment. What I hate about the whole thing is just as soon as I get started catching up I have to stop. It has been raining here all day and more is to come. It has shut me down and quick. Now all I can do it sit in the window and look out at everything unfinished.