Monday, March 26, 2012

I was Going Fishing But...........

From the beginning of last week I knew I was going to have to work this past weekend so I did not plan anything. I just figured the weekend was ruined so I didn't even bother.
Late Friday afternoon my contractors decided they had enough and were taking the weekend off. I was as giddy as a sixteen year old school girl going on her first date, I think I even giggled once.

During my hour drive home Friday afternoon my head will filled with the possibilities of what could get accomplished during the next two days. I did not want to forget all the ideas running through my head so I took out a note pad and while driving 70 miles and hour, started writing down all my plans. Of course I was watching the road and not my writing.
When I pulled into the drive an hour later I looked and noticed my list was huge. At the top, the very first thing was Fishing. At the bottom, the very last thing was Fishing and between the two was nothing but work.
This list of items to be done was an unachievable list. Only a person with super human capabilities could check off every item but I was determined to make a heck of a dent in it.

I did not have much time Friday to start on the mammoth list because I had a date with the wife. On the way out to the movies I checked my fishing holes for accessibility and was disappointed. The recent floods had the creeks out of their banks and there was no way to get down to them. It was pointless to even try. Two checks off the list and I haven't even got started yet, but those were the fun items I did not want to check off yet.

Bright and early Saturday morning had me building a new kitchen herb garden to add to the wife's first one I built a couple of weeks ago.  

Now she has three herb beds and I really need to get started on the solar dehydrator.

We also added three new raised beds to the garden area. This will make around 800 square feet of raised beds we have now. If you are wondering, yes the grass was removed and a barrier was put down. Now I need to add the sprinkler systems to the new beds sometime this week. 

We ran out of compost and had to make a run to get another truck load.
One wheelbarrow full at a time was hauled in and dumped. We actually still need more but it can wait.
The wife built some nice little pot holder shelves to keep all her pots off the ground so I do not have to weed eat around them all anymore.
Thank goodness.

The Mini Farm was also open all weekend and we had people coming and going during our work. I love it when they don't want to leave, but I was on a mission to complete that list.

I will not bore y'all with every detail of what was done so I just mentioned a couple of things I thought you might find interesting. I will say we kept a very busy pace for two full days.

We did go ahead and plant most of our warm weather plants on the hopes this heat wave we are having is not a fluke. Last year I was late on everything because I was scared, well not this year. All we have left to plant is Okra, Bell Peppers and Corn.

I will say this, it was real nice to work in the yard all day, in the sun and walk right into the garden bathhouse and soak our sore muscles.

And if you are wondering about that huge list, well all but one item was marked off. I think we did good.    


  1. You did more than good, MDR, you did GREAT! Please be careful making lists while driving down the highway at 70mph though, okay?

    I got a couple of raised beds planted last Saturday too. Got cukes and onions in the 4x12 plus three varieties of tomatoes and two varieties of bell peppers in one of the 4x4's. Lots more to do, but it sure felt good to get some dirt on my hands. I even planted some sunflower seeds. I will enjoy them when they bloom and harvest the seeds when they're spent.

    Sorry you didn't get to go fishing but you sure got a lot accomplished.

    : )

    1. No worries HB, the list was so scribbled I could hardly make it out. My eyes we on the road.
      I am glad you are finding the time to get yours all done. Getting out and getting dirty is what it's all about.
      The fish will be there another time.

  2. I'm sorry but a guy like you, giggling like a 16 yr old girl is hilarious picture in my mind LOL. So glad you managed to get so much done, but sad you couldn't do some fishing. My son was all set to go fishing till it turned off brutally cold again.

    1. Oh yes, it was a giggle. Yup, the creeks that I fish at were plumb up and out of their banks. The only way to get to them was off the bridge and I did not want to do that. To many people drive by and get in your business that way.

  3. It all looks good. I hope you have good luck with it this year. We have also put in some of early things. The weather has been wondering. We still have time for some winter. At least it won't last long.

    1. John there is no other option this year, the gardens have to do good or we go hungry.
      I figure if we do have one more cold snap because it thundered in February then I will cover everything. It should not last but a day or two here.
      Good luck with all yours.

  4. lol, i am a habitual list maker...and yep, i check things off as they get done... i do this because i am a very organized type of person and i do not deal or cope very well with chaos. this morning i was getting ready to cut grass, round up the weeds when i found that oops, i made a big mistake by not covering some of my container armadillo or racoon decided last night to have a party in among the bean sprouts and the beet sprouts...what a mess! well, live and learn...i salvadged what i could and planted a few extra seeds-then i covered all with hardware cloth and weighted the hardware cloth between each bed with other planters waiting to be planted with seedlings. finally finished with the grass cutting and weed whacking. what a day! i am not worried about a late frost but sure hope we dont get too much rain all at one time. tomorrow is laundry day which is an all day affair but thursday i am going fishing or junking..dont know which yet.

    1. I have not been Fishing or Junkin in a while. They both are fun but Junkin tends to be more costly for me than fishing. I am sure this weekend the water will be down enough to get to where I need to be.

      It might have been a cat that got into your pots. They do mine and that is why I have started the Great Cat Roundup.

      Good luck with laundry day. I hate those days and they come around way too quick for me.

  5. You did REALLY good! I really love those herb beds. I'll have to show Hubby. Maybe, just maybe, he might make me one. If I begged. lol

    1. Thank you very much SFG. If you need any measurements or a cut list just let me know.

  6. You giggling had me snorting!! Great post! Maybe next week or so will be good for fishing.

    The plant container projects look great. Well, ALL your projects look great.


    1. Lana, from talking to the locals I have been missing out on the fishing. I am so antsy to get down there this weekend I can hardly contain it.
      Thanks for the compliment on the projects and thanks for the snorting. That was funny.