Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Boppy is the nick name for my middle daughter. It is just something we have called her ever since she was little. She use to bang her head on the floor over and over when she didn't get her way, hence the name Boppy.

Being cooped up in the truck with a bunch of girls this weekend brought on some interesting conversations. One being Boppy asked why I never talk about her on the blog. She said that I talk about Wee and BEB all the time but never about her. I had to think for a minute and I guess she is right. I hardly ever talk about her.
So this is for you Bop.

My middle daughter was suppose to be a boy rounding out the American family dream of having one girl and one boy. Instead, Boppy popped out.  Her name was suppose to be Colt. 
After our third daughter Wee was born eleven months later I knew Boppy was in for it. I was also a middle child and knew what came with all that so I wanted to pay a little closer attention to her so she would not feel so forgotten and left out. That in it's self was a challenge. As it turned out Boppy ended up being just like me, stubborn, hard headed, reserved and needing nobody. Breaking through that thick, tough outer shell posed and still poses a small problem from time to time.

This last year has been the toughest. The new up and coming basket ball star that was promised a varsity position early on had her hopes and dreams bashed against the hardwood floor.
Boppy lived for sports, loving every aspect of competing including the hard training that comes with it.
Right before the season started she suffered some chest and heart problems early in the year that put her out and in the hospital for a while. She made up her mind and decided that her illness was not going to keep her from playing. Boppy fought back, recovered and was put back on the team from what I called the touch from God. You just don't come back from something like that.

Later in the season while playing the game of her life in another town she was hit hard and her head bounced off the hardwood floor causing a severe concussion. She did not want to tell us because of fear of being pulled off the team again and continued playing with the injury. Two games later during a home game, she was still dizzy and not being able to get her feet under her and was hit again.
When you watch your little girl stumble back to the bench like a punch drunk boxer not knowing where she is or who you are makes nothing else in the world seem that important. Without hesitation the coaches pulled her from the team and the doctors pulled her from school.

Three weeks later Boppy started training again and told us and the doctors she was fine. Her headaches were worse but she did not want anyone to know and she was tired of being benched. The doctor cleared her to go back to school and the coaches let her sit on the bench. Another week of hard training and with several correspondences with the coaches they decided to let her play.
Still a little shaky on her feet and trying her hardest to avoid the hits the end did happen, another earth shattering blow to the head. Damage was done and if she continued she my have lasting problems. The doctors and the coaches said she was done. We all agreed and told her playing was not worth it. After a few days and some very emotional times together she finally decided she had enough as well.
That was a month ago and she is back training again. I don't know what she has up her sleeve this time but I am watching.
One of the main reasons I do not talk about Boppy that much is because she works six nights a week and goes to school. When she is home it is to sleep, eat, shower and eat some more. She has always been the independent type and as soon as she got the chance to make her own money she took it. She and I bought her an old ford pickup last year and fixed it up together to a now pretty good running truck. Boppy got her drivers license last month and again, was on her own.

I spend most of my time at home working out back. When she is off work she does come out and see if I need a hand and even if I don't, I say I do just to spend some time with her.
Boppy is a key part in this little family of mine and plays an important role even if she doesn't think so.
I would catch a bullet with my teeth to protect her. 

Good job Boppy, I am proud of you for the Beautiful, smart young lady you have grown up to be.

For all you Big Bang Theory fans, she love to be sang "Soft Kitty" when she is feeling down.


  1. You forgot to mention she is a spider monkey. I dare anyone to try to take her phone.

  2. Hahaa I dare anyone to try and mess with her. Girls got more moves than the man who killed Pete the Toad.

  3. LC & BEB - I will tell that story only if asked. It is kinda embarrassing for me.

  4. LOL I love "Soft Kitty". I sing that to my boys too (who are all Big Bang Theory fans as well). You have some beautiful daughters MDR!

  5. coley - We were at HossBoss's house this weekend and sang it to Boppy. The way HB and Yeoldfurt looked at us was priceless.
    I laughed so hard.
    Good show and thank you for the compliment, they get it from their momma.

    1. Still can't post except as a reply, but I have to say hearing you all sing 'Soft Kitty' in unison is what warranted the look from Yeoldfurt and me! You guys are a treasure and I'm proud to count you all as friends!

  6. wow, is she interested in possibly making sports medicine a career....that way, she would still be a major player for any team!


    your daughters are all incredibly beautiful, intelligent and courageous!!! i need to know what you have been feeding them. don't hold out on me buddy!

    your friend,

  8. Anony - I will let her know about that, Good idea.

    Stephanie - Thank you, she really is.

    Kymber - My friend, I do not feed them anything different than a real parent should always feed their children.
    Each day they get a full plate of pure Love, followed by a helping of atta girl. Every once and a while I have to throw in a bucket of discipline but even that is topped off with a spoon full of love. There is always a snack of friendship and wisdom between meals and a midnight snack assurance to help them sleep.
    So if you must know the secret recipe for being blessed with the children that I have, it is simple. Take everything that is wrong with this world and turn it into unconditional, unmovable and unshakable love. Sometimes they sit down and eat till they are full and other times they take a bite and head right back out the door, but never the less they know where to come when they are hungry.

    1. thank you for sharing this recipe with me, my dear sweet friend. thank you so much! you have no idea how much this means to me!

      love to you and yours always. from your friend,

  9. BEB - OMG I just got the Pete the Toad thing, LOL

    HB - I know and it was priceless. I bet y'all thought we have lost our ever loving minds.

  10. I LOVE Soft Kitty! You tell her she has good taste. lol

  11. Hahahahahahahahahahaaha I couldn't help it :)

  12. SFG - It is fun to sing

    Kymber - You bet, anytime.

    BEB - Mom had to help me through it but in the end I got it.

  13. Your place is just full of good looking women, my friend! I have a feeling that you are going to have your hands full, trying to keep the young men at bay!

    Sounds like a very loving family to me! Good for you and the missus!

  14. It is already that way HJ. I can't keep them away.
    If I had it my way I would lock them up until they are 25