Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Spotlights On Wee

This week the spotlight is back on my youngest daughter "Wee"
If you are wondering how she got the name Wee, it is because she was the smallest of the three girls and from the beginning we always called her wee, wee. She said she has outgrown that name and doesn't like it so now we shortened it to just Wee. I guess it's more grown up.

Look at that big'o belt buckle would you!
The big County Youth Show was this week and Wee got to show her pig. If you remember, this is the same pig that had a real bad cut and we were not sure it would even survive. Avocado, (that's the pigs name) did heal. It took us going up there every day and washing the wound out and redressing it, but it healed.

For a free pig he did pretty good taking fifth in his class, better than I expected. We sold him for market there at the show and now we have one less mouth to feed. It is hard to let a show animal you spend so much time with go like that but Wee knows that's what it's all about. She said it is easier to just eat them.

I told her we are done. The teacher, the showing of large animals, I am done with it all. If you have been reading for a while then you know how much trouble we have had with this teacher and the cost to raise a large show animal is more than I am willing to dish out. Wee accepted it said she did not want to either.

Yesterday she came home from the show and was all excited and said next year she is showing a steer.
What part of large animal did she not understand.      


  1. It's me, Hossboss...

    Congratulations to Wee, MDR ...good for her on the ribbon!

    I'm out of town on business for three days and using the hotel computer. IT seems to have access to a post a comment box. Maybe it's MY computer blogger does not like lately?

    1. Thanks HB. I am glad you are still reading along. Yea she was really happy how it all turned out.

  2. buddy - it sounds like yer in for it....a steer?!?!?!!?

    your friend,

    1. Yes I know Kymber.
      Did you have to look the term "Steer" up on the urban dictionary? LOL
      Thanks for the comment.

    2. teeheeheee - nope i know what a steer is buddy! but thank goodness for that urban dictionary!

      i also wanted to note that i loooove Wee's big belt buckle - that girl has style. she must have learned it from her Mother eh?

    3. What's funny is all of us back in day did the same thing.

  3. "Modern Day Redneck" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  4. Our girls showed pigs for 8 years. Loved it! But miss the bacon...

    1. Sorry for the late reply Rose, I have been really busy.
      Me and the wife showed animals up until we graduated. I wanted the kids to do the same but things have changed where it is not fun anymore. The big money breeders have taken it over and you don't stand a chance unless you have a $1000 pig.