Monday, March 5, 2012

It Makes Things Harder

The weekend of fun and play was great, but in the end I have to pay for it.

My main production days at the Mini Farm are Saturdays and Sundays. Take them away only once and I fall way behind. It will take me two hard weekends to get caught back up to where I was already behind. That is why we never go anywhere and if we do I always feel guilty about it afterwards.

If it tells you how far behind I am, I have not even broke out the mower from winter storage yet and everyone around me has already mowed twice now, plus I have more chicks hatching and nowhere to put them.
If it wasn't for this stupid thing I have to do everyday called a job, I could be sitting pretty good right now.
(That was funny)

To top everything off it is suppose to rain again this Wednesday and Thursday shutting down all operations.

Oh well, I am done stressing over this stuff. If it gets done it get done, if it doesn't it doesn't. No big deal.

I might just go home pop a cold one and kick my feet up, who knows.    


  1. you know what ... grass will still grow and be there next weekend, now hatching chicks that's a different story, lol.

  2. Hatching is always exciting. We have that going on as we speak. My youngest is very excited as usual. I hope she is always excited about that stuff.

  3. One night of fun, a life time of hell......hahaha

  4. looks like a lot of us share the same type of 'world"...and i dont even have a job anymore. been laid off from partime work for over three years now. and the funny thing is if i were to be called and asked to come back to work i dont know if i could take the time off to return to a job...i have learned to survive and sustain myself pretty well and although i dont have a regular job..i keep pretty doggone busy. worked outdoors all day today readying things for planting and cleaning up from winter thunderstorms etc..if i am able to get out of bed tomorrow, i will be back out there-still alot to do and of course, with anykind of farm or country never gets to the point of being "all done". there is always something!

  5. TL - I can always put them in a box with a light bulb. They don't need anything fancy.

    sista - All mine even as old as they are, still find it exciting. They always want to help the little chicks out.

    Rob - That might have been the case a long time ago in my youth but I would rather be sleeping than staying out.

    Anony - I have said before that I work 2 days on and five off.
    The only reason I still work full time at a stressful job is because of my house payment. Other than that a part time job would work.

  6. what ever you have to do is not anything to stress out over do your best to get it done and if you don't it will be there when you can get back to it like dishes and cloths you never get done always more to do and you are right about the chicks food water and warmth is all they need
    have a blessed day

  7. mom - I agree, It will always be there but it easier to stay on top of it.

  8. All work and no play is no fun

  9. John - That was on a movie once. "All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy"