Friday, March 23, 2012

Good Intentions


I had every intention to get away this weekend and take the wife on an adventure to a little town in East Texas for nice romantic getaway. This town even has a Gone With The Wind museum. Oh it was going to be a grand time (sarcasm intended) . A Romantic carriage ride through the historic town of Jefferson, candlelight dinners, breakfast in bed, a haunted train ride through the swamps and walking hand in hand down the boardwalk stopping by every antique shop to ohh and aww at the items for sell.
At least that was the plan. I should at least get an "E" for effort and an "A" for the want too.

The rains here have put us even further behind and I just cannot justify leaving and blowing off another weekend again. We have been playing a little too much lately and our farm and funds show it. We have also been faced with a few problems that need to be addressed rather than avoided and to address them takes money.

So I guess for the wife not to feel completely left out, I will bring her a flashlight and a cupcake that way she can still have a sweet snack by fake candle light.

I do recommend this though. Tonight we will be going to see October Baby. A fantastic family friendly movie everyone should see. I have been waiting on it to release for two months now.
If this movie does not get your fire going, then your wood is wet.
If you are able, please support these types of movies and show Hollywood we are tired of their trash.


  1. Sorry your plan got nixed, MDR. Sometimes life gets in the way. But it truly is the thought that counts and I think showing up with a cupcake and flashlight will invoke a chuckle and big smile from the Mrs.

    Enjoy your movie date and have a great weekend. I'm back home (finally) and can't wait for Yeoldfurt to get home!

    : )

  2. MDR - i can't wait for your review of this movie! and i don't mind spoilers so if you provide a spoiler - that will be fine. just make sure to point it out if you do provide a spoiler!

    your friend,

    1. Sorry for the late reply, really busy.
      Kymber the movie was great. Every teen and young woman should see it. The story behind it is even better. No spoiler, just the value of life.

  3. I am excited to see this movie too:) Sorry about the plans for the weekend.

    1. Sorry for the late reply Stephanie, I have been really busy.
      I hope you got to see the movie, it was great.

  4. Ok I will cross the line, your comment..."your wood is wet"........... snickering....

    Never plan, JUST DO IT.

    1. Sorry for the late reply Rob, I have been really busy.
      Telling me not to plan is like telling a turtle to hurry up. We do a lot of things spontaneous but a weekend trip out of town is not one of them anymore, but there was a time.....