Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friends, Family And Celebration

There is just something about the great State of Texas.
Something about the history, something about how it came to pass, something about the whole fairytale of it all.
We spent the day in celebration of the Independence of Texas at the Birth Place of Texas in Washington on the Brazos. Just walking on that sacred ground, the same ground as Sam Houston and all the other founding fathers is breath taking in it's self.
The park outdid themselves on the event this year. Cannons roared, musket shots rank out and story tellers dressed in period clothing were at every turn, willing to share the history with anyone who would listen.
Even though I am native to this great State and a history buff myself, I learn something new every time I come here.
The 1835 working farm was in full swing. It is kinda weird walking around it though. Everyone is dressed up and working as if it was an actual work day. All the spectators just walk around them while they work asking questions about what they are doing. I personally feel strange about it because I want to help and not just stand there like all the city folk. I also hold my tongue when I see something not right when they are trying to pass it off as "Old".
I am just cool that way I guess.

That area is also where the oldest girl BEB goes to collage. We picked her up early and headed out. I got to spend the whole day with all my girls and that in it's self was the best part.

While we were down that way and after we got done at Washington, we headed over to finish out our evening sitting around and visiting with our good friends Hossboss and Yeoldfurt
You just can't find the gentle and friendly hospitality they show anymore. Even though we have met in person before, this was the first time they got to meet all the girls and just as I figured, instant family.
I want to tell y'all right now, you need to run over to Hossboss's blog and get the recipe for her homemade Lasagna. All I can say is don't let none get on your forehead, your tongue will beat the heck out of it trying to lick it off.
Good people right there.

Heading back home in the morning. I did have a chance today to stop off at the amazing military surplus store down there and picked up a new Bug Out Bag. A much bigger one this time. It was BEB's birthday present to me. I will post pics later.

It is late and I have a long drive in the morning, goodnight.            


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Happy birthday!

  2. Sounds like you guys had some fun!

  3. Sounds like you guys had some fun!

    1. Having to use the 'reply' feature to leave a comment, but wanted to say thanks for coming by our place yesterday. We enjoyed seeing you and the Mrs again and it was great to finally meet the girls. You're all welcome anytime!

      : )

  4. Happy Birthday is in order.

  5. while traveling through virginia my husband and i stopped at a place similar to what you just was a state park that offered four working farms, one was english tudor, one was irish, one was a german farm, and one was a french farm.. all were very different from each other in many ways, but there were also ways that they were similar too. we of course rushed through to visit each farm while we were there but wish we had more time.. all of the workers were doing the "work" and were also in period costumes as well. the farms were "family" farms and they did everything you would expect of a family on a farm except sleep there. what amazed me then was how many things we actually still do and could do if we wanted to.

  6. Gorges - Thank you and yes it was.

    SFG - It was about time.

    HB - Thanks for the open invite, same to y'all. We had a great time.

    John - Thank you

    Anony - It was great. I just felt weird being the same group as all the city folk making a big deal over a pig.