Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Then What Am I?

I got off work early today and that is a good thing. I needed to get home and get everything ready for the storms and cold weather rolling in tomorrow. I ran out of kindling for the fire place so I had to make some by splitting wood over and over and over again. I really miss the old farm when it comes to things like this. It was so easy to walk out the back door and be surrounded with enough wood to last a lifetime. Now the only tree in my yard is a old mesquite. I have to really watch it now and that is why I need to get my solar oven built.

I was talking with a guy I work with today about my new adventure with this blog.
Hold on, let me back up. One of the reasons I started this blog is because I have had so many people tell me I need to write a book about my life as a redneck. I would tell them stories and situations I have been in and when they finally stop laughing and wipe the tears from their eyes, that's when they tell me to put it on paper. I have thought about writing for some time now, but the one thing that always comes up is, I'm not done living yet. I figure this blog is a way to tell my stories and at the same time, write down the new adventures that come up.

So anyway, I mentioned the Modern Day Redneck blog to this guy at work right after I told him one of my stories and him telling me I needed to write a book. He looked at me kinda funny with his head cocked to one side and said, "But your not a redneck". I was stunned. This was one of the first times in my life I did not have anything to say. Finally, after some time and some very deep thought I asked, "Then what do you think am I"

I think I'll invite him over this spring during the chicken harvest and then we can fire up the pit, pop open a cold one and have us a good old chicken fry.
Not a redneck, now that's funny, whats he thinking?

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  1. I need to say this... but I sure hope I don't bust your bubble while I'm at it!

    Redneck? Well personally I would say you are the original version of redneck... but not so much the modern!

    From what I've read of your blog so far, you seem to be one of the few sane persons in this nation doing things the right way! Off grid, cooking over a fire... paying for things as you can go... yea, that used to be normal! You gave it a shot... living in a subdivision (I'm assuming here) and quickly realized the insanity of keeping up with the Jones's... having read about it, I kinda wish we could have started out on the family farm like you did... I think we'd be way ahead if we had! Now you're a lot further down the road of life than myself, but keep on sharing those tips you've learned that can help me navigate through life! Good writing!