Monday, December 21, 2009

First of Many

The new compost bin is the first of many projects I have on the list. I found this simple design off the web years ago and seen many people use it. All it takes is seven wood pallets and some screws. I added some scrap boards at the bottom so the compost will not fall through when I mix it. I have seen other designs using tin or plastic on the bottom and even putting on a removable front to keep the dogs out.
If you do not know, here's how it works:
The first bin is where you put the fresh scraps from the kitchen, chicken coop or where ever. Keep it mixed once a week or so to keep it aerated. You might need to sprinkle it with a little water to keep the moisture inside. After a while when the pile gets big enough, shovel it into the second bin to finish it off. Then you can start a new fresh pile in the first bin. When the second bin has composted all its going to, then scoop it into the third bin. This should be close to your final product. By now it will probably be time to move your new scrap pile from the first bin to the now empty second bin. Do you see the cycle?
I leave it in the third bin until most of the heat is gone or until the pile gets to high an spills over. I then spread it on the flower beds or the gardens and till it in.
If you are worried about the smell coming from the first bin, all you have to do is add fresh green grass or leaves and that should bring it down.
I have tried those barrel composts with little success. It seamed I could never get the dirt just right. I don't feel so bad due to everyone I know who uses them are not real happy either.
7 Pallets - $3.o0 each from the feed store.
Screws- Maybe $1.00
Scrap wood - $0.00
Total cost of a three bin compost unit = $22.00
I plan on getting the worm beds up and going this spring. The worm dirt is by far the best dirt in the world. If you never used worm compost on your plants, your missing out.

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