Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Rain

Even tho it was 29 degrees, I was outside enjoying the peace and quiet when I heard what sounded like a ocean wave come across the sky. Millions of black birds. I thought is was pretty cool. I hope they don't stay to long.

When we first moved to this place in November, I told my wife no outside dogs until we get the fences up. I did not want our dogs to run the neighborhood and kill other people's chickens or goats. Worst yet, I did not want my dogs getting shot, she agreed. The very same day these two dogs showed up on the back porch. I begged my kids not to feed them or they will never go away. Now a month later, the big one is named Fredo and the small one is named Homo. They have found a home and their is nothing I can do about it. They even sleep on my outdoor furniture.

Another storm is headed this way and they say this one will have more snow and ice mixed with it. The only work I was able to do today was build the little walkway from the back porch to the patio. Then I spent the rest of the morning preparing for the storm. More wood in the house, more kindling made. I stepped back and looked at my wood supply and noticed it was running dangerously low. With all the moving, rain and holidays, I have not been able to keep my stock up. I hope I have enough to last through this cold spell until I can make a run back to the old farm place. I would hate to turn the electric heater on. I guess if wood heat was all I had like the old days, I would have probably kept a better eye on it.

I can almost bet there will be no work tomorrow. I need to run to town and get the stuff for New Years Dinner anyway.

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