Monday, December 28, 2009

High Tech Redneck

With all the snow and Christmas stuff, I haven't been able to get out and do much work so we went places and did things to keep from getting cabin fever.
The day after Christmas we had to go to our good friends family Christmas get together in Durant Oklahoma. I dreaded going because it was a family thing and we were not family. It was there, that I had an epiphany. I realized the less redneck you are, the less friendly you are.
Earlier this month we went to a Christmas party some of our upper class friends were having and we were shunned and made fun of, but It was a classy party. The food looked as if it was out of a magazine. We ate off real plates and drank out of real cups. I never felt more out of place and uncomfortable.
In Oklahoma, this was a family Christmas get together mind you and again, we were not family. The difference was, we were accepted as if we were blood. The food was served in tin baking pans right out of oven. We ate off of paper and drank out of plastic. We were even made to be included in the Chinese gift swap. I don't know where your from, but the way I was raised, that means I'm family.
We went with the expectations of being outcasts and shunned again, but left with full stomachs, arms full of gifts and a warm heart.

While the weather is bad and no work can be done, we fall back on doing some good family fun, it is called Geocaching. You can read all about it at
If you haven't heard of it, an easy explanation of it is using million dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods. They are everywhere and to date we have found 95 of them. I placed my first cache close to where I live near the creek just the other day. I described it as "Popular spot for Duck hunters". The funny thing is, it is also a popular party spot at night. Keep in mind this is way out in the country and can't be seen from the road. Of course the first people to find it, found it at night and yes they are city people and yes, a redneck party was in full swing. I think they were scared. They Logged their find with "I did not think redneck duck hunters hunted at night". Now that's funny

While in Oklahoma Saturday, we decided to take the hand held GPS and hunt for Caches. We also thought while in the hunting mind set, we would spend all day Sunday just having fun.

The cool things about Geochaching is, it takes you places around your hometown you might have never knew was there. It gets you out of the house and gets you moving. The kids love the treasure hunting and I love the fact I'm doing something fun and being with them.

Old Alton Bridge, Denton County Texas

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