Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not My kind Of Work?

It snowed here most of the evening. It was so thick it knocked out the TV and the internet. I was expecting a very thick blanket of sparkling snow this morning and all I got was mud. The temp was 39 at 6:30. All the snow had melted overnight and left the already wet ground even wetter. I sure can't do anything outside today. The wife took the kids and left for Walmart this morning to do the shopping for our New Years Day Dinner. That left me home all by myself with nothing to do except clean and do laundry. That is not my kind of work.

I go back to the job on Monday. I sure was hoping for good weather during my vacation so I could have got a little more stuff done. Last year we spent Christmas in Florida. We spent a week touring the beaches and then a few days at Disney World. We never visited Florida before and the only beach we ever saw was in Galveston. All the beaches we went to, Gulf Shores Alabama, I thought, was the best one we visited. Going in December was the best part. The beaches are out of season and nobody was around. The temp was 65 to 70 and the we owned the beach. I loved the white sand and the peacefulness of it all. If I ever hit it rich, I will own a house on stilts down there.

You could say we poor boyed the trip. While we were driving down the coast line the kids were getting hungry. My wife thought it would be "so neat" to have a picnic by the water. So here we go tracing through the sand. We lay out a blanket and started making sandwiches. The kids were running and playing, splashing and laughing. I can say it was really fun. While we were eating, my youngest saw a little white bird really close by and thought it looked hungry. So with kindness in her heart, she threw it a peace of her sandwich. Let me just say this, I wished all my years of dove hunting could have been like this. Before the bread hit the ground, thousands of seagulls were on us and them little things are not friendly. They were dive bombing us, crapping on us and chased us to the car. I guess we made some friends that day because as we were backing out, the people left on the beach were waving at us with closed fists and with middle fingers.

Just to let you know, Disney World is not off season on New Years Eve. The park was at full capacity by 10:00 A.M. They even shut the gates. Never again.

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